yet another rave review - Edmunds

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  1. made me tingly....nice
  2. I've driven both- and I would have to agree- the Mustang is just unadulturated fun at its purest sense!
  3. This was my favorite quote from the article:
    "The best part is, the 2005 Mustang doesn't ask you to sacrifice comfort or reliability in the name of speed and style. You get top-notch handling, a roomy and stylish interior, 300 rip-snorting horsepower and loads of attitude, all for about the same price as a sensible Honda Accord. Forget import cars with big exhaust tips and overpriced sports cars with tiny high-revving engines. The muscle car is back, and the golden age of performance is right now."
  4. So are you ever going to get rid of your old Plymouth and get a 05 Stang or are you just going to spend the rest of your life here on StangNet talking about the '05 Mustang? :rlaugh:
  5. I figure my Mopar's appreciation will intersect with the 05's depreciation in about 3-4 years. Then maybe I'll swap. Or just have both. :nice: