Yet another spring/shock post...Please Help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DocZG, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Ok before i get flamed i would like to say that i have searched this site for several days and havent quite found what i am looking for, so i will ask.

    My bro is in H.S. (so money is almost non-existant) and we purchased his first ride, its a 1990 notch 4cyl to v8 conversion. The previous owner put new rear control arms, alum drive shaft, subframes, and many other mods, but it still has the 4 banger springs and hella crappy monroe shocks. I mean you hit a pot hole and it feelsl like the kmember is making love to the asphalt. I really need to change this stuff out because it is seriously unsafe to be driving as is.

    I am looking for some serious bang for the buck and i have several combos i am looking at.

    1. Cut stock SN95 GT springs and KYB GR-2s....i have the springs, and can get all 4 shocks/struts for like $130 shipped on Ebay (and probably change to aftermarket springs when money permits)

    2. Ford C-Springs and GR-2s combo would be like $300 or so.

    3. Tokico HP spring/strut/shock package is like $360 shipped on Ebay

    I would like a decently smooth ride but still have better handling than stock. I know that they Tokico package would probably be best but if the other combos could have similar performance/ride I would like to keep my extra change.

    I have heard really mixed reviews on GR-2s but they are cheap and have a lifetime warranty which is really awesome.

    It would be really awesome if you guys could just give me some info on expected ride/perf for each set up.

  2. c'mon guys, if you could just chime in a say i had C springs and GR2s and it ride like s**t but handled good, or whatever would be awesome....
  3. Just put on new KYB GR-2's all the way around and keep the springs - for now. Are the rear arms poly? That helps too. Does your car still have the 4-banger (10") front brakes? If it does, you can't put the V8 struts on the front. V8 strut mounting is narrower than 4 cylinder strut mounting. And you really need the V8 strut with your V8.

    I have a 1990 4cyl to 5.0 conversion...with GR2's and stock springs in the front. Eibach Prokit 1" lowering in the rear.

    View attachment 413439

    It actually sits lower than that now, but the front to rear height proportion is still the same.
  4. thats really good to know, cuz i have wondered, but forgot to ask.

    I havent looked, but i think that they are changed, cuz the brake pedal is pretty stiff. Im betting that the brakes were changed and the MC wasnt. And yes the rear arms are poly, i dont know what brand, but they are regular non adjustable. Thanks for the heads up.... I need to go check.
  5. well the MC for the 10" 4cyl brakes and the 11" V8 brakes (we're talking 4 lug here) is the same. the 4cyl uses like an 8" single diaphragm booster and the V8 uses like a 6" dual diaphragm booster. And of course if you have something bigger (5 lug) then it should have a different MC. It should also be stiffer than stock, even with the proper MC.
  6. I went with Tokico Blues and Steeda Sport springs and the car feels great.