Yet Another Starter Problem

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  1. Hi,
    I have a 97 Cobra and the starter has been intermittent. The battery is good, I replaced the positive and negative battery terminals and made sure the ground cable to the block was good. The ignition switch is good, the anti-theft is good, clutch switch is good, and power is getting to the small relay in the distribution box every time the key is turned. I haven't gotten to the starter/solenoid under the car yet.

    My question is this: What have others with this same problem had to replace? Is it most likely the solenoid, starter, positive battery cable, or small relay? Just curious, need input.

    Thanks in advance for replies, Steve
  2. When it does not start, do you hear a click, no sound, multiple clicks? When it does start, does it crank normally or slow? Give us a little more info and maybe we can help.
  3. Hey Cobradude, Thanks for the reply. When is does NOT start all I hear is the relay on the fender click. There isn't a peep out of the solenoid which is mounted on the starter below. I checked the trigger wire from the relay and it's good, signal is getting to the solenoid. It has to be either the solenoid, a bad connection on the starter, or a bad connection going to the starter. Battery is good, terminals up top are good, and all ground cables are good. :D
    I think it's an intermittent solenoid, but if that starter comes off to replace a solenoid a brand new starter is going back on too. :nice:
    Car has almost 120K miles and although the starter looks clean it also looks original.
  4. Sounds like a new starter is the best idea. Not only could the solenoid be bad, but the armature could have a dead spot also. Good Luck!
  5. Why not try jumping the solenoid, then you'll know for sure
  6. I think that im having the same problem with mine... real intermittent though in fact hasnt done this again for a week or so. Left it at Harrelson Ford for 5 days straight and it didnt happen even once... so they couldnt diagnose. Anyways only response I got on here was to replace the starter:

    hey where in charlotte do you live?
  7. shoobs99svt,

    It's so damn frustrating to diagnose these intermittent problems but I believe it's an internal starter/solenoid issue. I've checked everything, replaced the battery terminals, and cleaned every connection yet once a week (at the worst time) she won't crank. The starter relay clicks, signal is getting to the solenoid but no solenoid click. I have a rebuilt starter/solenoid sitting on the bench but just haven't had time to install it, not to mention it's starting every time now. :rolleyes:

    I live in NW Charlotte, Coulwood area off hwy 16. Send me a picture of your Cobra. How do like the 4.30 gears? I still have the factory 3.27s and they need to go.
  8. Yeah my guess is swapping starters is the way to go... like i said it sat at the dealer$hip for 5 days and didnt do it once. As of now its been starting every time. Mech there said next step would be to change it and go from there. either way glad (or not so glad) to hear that someone else is having the same problem and im not the ONLY one.

    As far as the 4.30s go I just got it back from install this morning. Had subframe connectors and springs/shocks/struts done at the same time so still feeling the whole package out. So far in first gear having trouble hooking up, might need to upgrade/stiffen IRS? Second and third pull a whole lot harder, and fourth now (NOT third) for passing on freeway. Might have lost some time to pass because of this... Revs a whole lot more on freeway of course, need to get speedo dialed in before I can figure mph/rev... maybe 2900 at 80 mph? All together pretty happy though, definately not for freeway miles if you commute a lot... im curious about the gas mileage.

    These are a few pics that I found from when I first bought it in AZ, still a stocker and the prev owner got a little crazy with the stickers:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  9. Looks Very nice and Very stock in those pictures. It even has the pony in the grill.
    Where did you get the gears installed? I would love to do it myself but I just don't have the time or patients to do it, not mention I'll probably throw out my back in the process.
    My suspension is already done except the bearings need replaced on the CC plates. $12 each, just need to do it.
    My Cobra doesn't have IRS. It has the good ole solid axle. Pros and cons either way.

    Lets see some recent pictures.
  10. That was a little too stock... first thing that I swapped was the pony in the grill.

    I had Dale at Custom Performance do the work... he's right behind Lowe's speedway. Their website is I havent had the chance to work with them before but read a lot of good reviews on this and some other forums. Dale is also the owner, he was real knowledgable on mustangs and straight forward as far as what it would take to get the work done. They were a little hard to get a hold of at times, and the job took a day extra... but apparently this was because of some "iffy" carrier bearings he found that ended up being replaced. Better to have the job done right than fast... charged $360 labor and $30 lube/shims. The extra bearings were $60 install and $115 Ford parts. He seemed to do honest work will go back there for the next mod.

    Right after 2000 GT headlights:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    Today after the 1" / 1.25" drop:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    Send some back over :D
  11. Posted via Mobile Device i would say loose or dirty connection.starters go bad alot and is cheap and easy repair