yet another stroker thread

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  1. alright so ive starting gathering parts for my new motor and after pricing pistons, rods etc. ive fallen into the great stroker debate.

    ill start by saying im not trying to build a full blown race car, just something fun to drive.
    right now the plan is:
    306 block
    stock crank
    stock rods (resized) still debating this
    forged pistons
    new bearings,seals etc
    Aluminum heads and a cam

    already have intake, injectors,MAF etc so i think ill be staying FI.

    with as much as im already budgeting, im already spending more than i wanted to but thats how it always goes, im starting to think it may be worth it to just pony up a few hundred more for a 347 rotating assembly :shrug:

    i know good power can be made from a 306 (my friend has a 9 second 306 powered fox) but i dont consider that to be your average 306. I just dont want to end up spending the same money on a 306 that i could have spent on a 347. if anyone with a stroked motor wouldnt mind sharing their shortblock cost (or an average) id appreciate it. Also, im planning to send this block off to the machine shop to get cleaned up and inspected (its already a 306, just wanting to make sure everything is 100%) how much more work is involved (if any) to use the 347 rotating assembly?

    sorry for all the questions, but my brain is shot at this point so id like to hear from those with first hand knowledge.
  2. how much do you have to spend?
  3. Go for the stroker!!
  4. if you are going stroker I would find one off the classifieds. There are built strokers sellling dirt cheap.
  5. You can get brand new 347 stroker shortblocks shipped to your house for under $2500.
  6. If you're doing a stroker, go big or go home. You never have enough power, and you always want more.