Yet another stupid question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by neil_home, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. The 5.0 motor has 2 water temp sensors. One in the left hand front corner of the intake and one in the tube that goes to the heater. Any one know why there are two and do I need them both. The engine is going in a 63 car, I want to get rid of the heater tube, and use the early setup. I am also eliminating the EGR. So no heat to that. The car won't be driven in the winter so I am hoping there will be no need for this second temp sensor in the tube.

    Also there is an Orange wire that is just hanging out of the harness where the fire wall is. It is a short wire that goes to one of the engine 10 pin connectors. From looking at wiring diagrams it looks like it might be a ground. I don't see any wire it could have connected to(like it was broken). Do you think this is the ground and is the ground a small orange wire that goes to the ten pin connector? (I think its the black one,closest to the center of the manifold)
    TIA , neil
  2. The one on the tube is the Engine Coolant Sensor (ECT), used by the EEC-IV system, the other one is the temperature sender for the gauge in the instrument panel. If your going with EFI, you'll need the ECT.

    The orange wire is the ground for the oxygen sensors, again, if your going EFI, you'll also need this one. GL
  3. Thank you , thank you , thank you. It is going to be EFI. If I can make it work.

    Thanks for the help, Neil