Yet another suspension thread-- Harsh riding GT, possible Bullitt spring swap

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    Scenario- 91GT. 160K miles. Modified in 1990's(exact history unknown) with B springs(verified) and crappy struts- silver ones in front(KYB GR2?) And yellow ones in the back-- I think Monroe, they're not Billstiens. I'm pretty sure the struts are old and worn out as well. The car has the stock camber plates. There is poly bushings on the sway bar and under the transmission. Everything else appears to be stock.

    I'm looking for ride quality first and handling performance secondary. Would like a slightly lowered look though so no stock GT springs.

    This goddamn car rides so bad I'm almost mad that I let myself buy it. The front end bottoms out very easily. The car darts all over the road at any slight irregularity in the surface. Tons of NVH into the cabin. Just crap.

    I'm trying to figure out an approach to get a decent ride-- keep in mind this is Wisconsin and are roads are terrible inside most of the cities. Slab concrete, pot holes, bumps, cracks, etc.

    I'm thinking Bullitt springs and Tokico blues. Should I use poly isolators? Is there any other bushings to replace during a spring/strut swap I may need to address?

    Looking for some veteran opinions on this so I can get this car setup so it's actually enjoyable to drive. Thanks!
  2. I ran ford c springs. Car rode stiff and bottomed out the from struts everywhere making the ride very harsh.

    Swapped to bullitt springs, with tokico blues. Rubber isos out back, ZERO isolators up front. Ride is much improved over the c springs due to not bottoming out the front struts everywhere. I am satisfied, although I would recommend an adjustable shock instead if you can afford it

    End result.
  3. My car used to ride really rough and was noisy with stock 73K suspension.. I just installed Strange shocks/struts with B springs and poly isolators and the car rides like a dream. While doing the front, one of my springs was broken - probably before I bought the car. Waiting to go on next is MM sub frame connectors and XD LCA's.
  4. Hmmm, I like the stance on that. About what I'm looking for.

    Is running with no front isolators very common? Does it add alot of NVH?

    Also, what kind of adjustable struts were you considering? Tokico D-specs?

    I'm wondering if the struts in this kit are worth a crap: 1994-04 Mustang Bullitt Ford Racing Suspension Kit M-5400-A at LRS - Same Day Shipping!

    And how much the swaybars would be worth on Ebay, It seems possible this could be the cheapest way into Bullitt springs and some decent struts.
  5. Im running Bullitt Springs, Struts, and Shocks on my 92, I really like the ride and handling.
  6. Hmm, now I'm considering doing Maximum Motorsport coilovers. Anyone have opinions that? Can they be made to ride nice?
  7. Probably, since the spring rates can be tuned. The Bullitt springs and dampers are probably the best bet from what I've heard. I have MM R&T springs with Bilstien dampers on my 91, but it rides probably rougher then you want. My Cobra has Steeda sport springs with 03 Cobra Bilstien's on the front and it rides pretty nice compared to my 91. However some of that might be because the Cobra is heavier, I don't know.
  8. I also run bullitt springs on my GT. really like, The drop is just right for my taste and the ride/handling greatly improved.
  9. i am looking to get the suspension stuff for my project this week so are these bullitt springs better than eibachs?
  10. I'm using the Tokico suspension package, HPK-211. Great ride and great handling, couldn't be happier with the setup. Lowered the front about 1", the rear about 1/2".

    The kit came with 4 springs, 2 struts and 2 shocks, cost $405 to my door.
  11. That doesn't sound too bad what company did you get it from?
  12. I got the setup off ebay last September. Member's seller id was JDMwerks.
  13. Well, I just ordered 2 Bilistein front struts for it. Think I'm gonna shop for some take-out Bullitt or Mach1 springs or wait and get MM coilovers.
  14. I found my Mach springs for $75. Was worth the effort in savings over the $500 kit