Yet Another T5 Question

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  1. I have read many posts discussing this swap. Most II owners have a RAD manual already and swap in a T5, preferebly from a 94-95 using their existing small size bellhousing for header clearance.

    I am converting from an auto and my question is, has anyone on the forum used the whole setup from a 94-95?
    I know the bellhousing will be tight, but are were there any other issues.

  2. AFAIK, the only difference between the '94-'95 T-5 (for the last SN-95 5.0L engines) and other T-5's is the slightly longer input shaft length. The bellhousing for this engine matches this longer input shaft.

    The great thing about this setup is that it places the shifter about an inch closer to the driver, but still over an inch farther away than the RAD transmision and bellhousing.

    The standard Fox T-5 and bell places the shifter about 2 inches forward of the stock location.

    The RAD bellhousing is a little bit longer, so using with a T-5 it places the shifter a little closer to the driver still (only about 3/4" farther forward).

    Actually any combination works, but with the Fox T-5 and bell you have to notch the trans tunnel about 2 inches and move the console forward (if you have one) and chase down a longer shifter. Using the SN-95 bell and SN-95 T-5 you'll probably have to notch the trans tunnel a little over 1 inch and may not have to move the console.

    Using the RAD bell and a SN-95 T-5 means that you may not have to make any changes.

    The jury is still probably out on the longevity of using the RAD bell with a SN-95 T-5 without a pilot bearing spacer (the input shaft of a SN-95 T-5 is longer, but still not as long as a RAD). Obviously you don't need the spacer for a matched Fox or SN-95 trans/bell combo.

    What we really need is a T-5 tailhousing with an adjustable shifter location. I saw an add-on developed for another Ford (XR4Ti?, T-Bird?) but it was expensive and not real strong looking.
  3. Thanks

    Thanks 78 CobraII,
    I thought the only differences would be the depth of bellhousing and shifter location. Since I don't have the smaller bell and flywheel etc., I want my shifter
    location to be close to the factory position. I already have a 79-93 T5 and am
    considering swapping input shafts and obtaining the correct bellhousing. Or,
    finding the II bell and flywheel.

    Good comparison of options,
  4. Yup...I completely left the flywheel issue out! :eek:

    Here is the shifter box extension adapter:

    It might help with the Fox T-5 install.

    Its a pretty simple system. I'd like to do something a little more sophisticated...maybe have a machinist add a section to the rear of the stock shifter box and make a longer shifter rail.

    You'd have to pull the tail housing off and remove the shifter rail to get started.
  5. A Little Pricey

    $400 for that setup?
    There was another shifter relocator website bouncing around here.
    I think the other kit was like $250 and you didn't need a T56 shifter.
    I lost the website, gonna google and try to come up with it.