Electrical Yet Another Tfi Question...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madspeed, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Finally tore into my Gt tonight. Need to order a new TFI, as the old unit is pretty melted. I know everyone says to get oem, but is it even available anymore? I check Rock Auto for part numbers and they list a few...

    MOTORCRAFT Part # DY1284 $49.79

    MOTORCRAFT Part # DY1076 $109.99

    Which ones are you all having good luck with?
  2. You didn't say what year?
    Which one?
  3. I went on fordparts.com and it listed part# DY425 for 90-93 Manual transmission,DY504 for 90-93 Auto transmission,and DY1284 for 87-89 but it didn't state whether the 284 was for manual or auto and didn't even list the DY1076 module at all.Rockauto listed both DY1076 and DY1284 modules but didn't state which one fits the auto and which one fits manual.It has to be the right one cause a auto module won't work on a manual because the manual module has to allow the push start feature I believe so you can roll start it if the battery is dead,etc
  4. Ive privately spent several years working w MSD on their distributors problems that I found. Anyway, they recently addressed their tfi modules and I have been told that they tested many aftermarket modules n found their flaws and are sourcing one that practically matches the original Ford TFI Module. The defect that was in them from Ford was never really corrected they just settled their lawsuit and subsequently relocated these modules to the fender. But the aftermarket ones were even more crap than the Ford original ones. So if you can't get one from Ford, MSD's module may be your next best bet because they looked at its flaws and tested them all! Hope this helps!