Yet another Timing Question

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  1. Alright check it out I set my base timing with SPOUT out at about 10-14 degree's car runs pretty well around that. I shut the motor down plugged the SPOUT back in and car started but ran a little choppy so I ran back and checked the timing now. Car started to die so I bumped the throttle a little and kept it held open a little bit looked at the timing mark and I could see the computer trying to figure what in the heck is going on ranging from about 10 thru 30 and back down stopping around 20ish for a tad then repeating its cycle. now I had to keep the throttle a little open (may be the throttle set screw is not correct but not a big deal) and I noticed that if I kept lowering the throttle letting a few cycles go by that it would catch up to itself and run smoother so I kept lowering it a bit until I had not to hold it anymore. Car idled at about 1200 rpms due to that set screw probably a little high. But now here's my question when it finally smoothed out where it would run on its own the timing mark is well past 30 and if I shut it down and try to start it again it tends to fire once then I have to crank and crank and bobble the throttle to get it to start again almost repeating the same steps I had to do while watching the timing under the hood. here is a picture of the balancer kind of hard to read but you can get an idea from it


    You can see the 20 and 30 mark and the top of the pointer is well past it runs pretty decent once its running at this mark as well. just starting is not right. here is a video as well

    Video of the Balancer

    Hopefully someone can shed some light here if you need I can pull the SPOUT and take a pic of the mark on the balancer.

    Thanks again for any help.
  2. I would guess that the balancer has spun and the readings are off in the absence of any other changes. Also when you note that the timing is 10-14 with the spout out I ask myself why isn't it just sitting at a set point like 10* or 12* or 14*. I should be rock solid not about 10-14. BTW spun balancers are common. Can you see pieces of rubber around the hub, does it wobble, these are typical visual clues.
  3. If the spout is in and the rpm is idle that is fairly normal. The EEC timing tables at idle do jump around that is one way the EEC works to keep a stable idle.

    Depending on your mods you may need to play with the idle a tad.

    I would pull the spout and use the light again just to make sure the dizzy has not spun or something. I had this happen one time as the dizzy bolt can be a pain, I thought it was tight but it was not.

    Other than a vacume leak or the air sucky tube being loose play around with the idle set/air bleed screw.
  4. no no it is either on 12* or 14* I just cant recall exactly I will pull the spout and start it and see what its at but it is on one of those.

    my balancer is new and has no wobble in it. I will check for the rubber pertruding out from it just odd with the spout out it runs like a champ :nice: