yet another tire ?.sorry

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by blackstang00, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. i know this has been beat to death.
    but i'm getting ready to order my rims. i was wondering if 255's will fit up front w/o issues. the car is not lowered right now but it will be @ 1-1.5" in the front. here are the wheel specs. 17x9 4x4.25 +18mm offset. i've done the search but could not find anything definative on my specific application.
    its the one shown below.
    thanks alot everyone,and again i appologize.
  2. I was just reading in MMFF mag and someone asked the same question in the ask Ken section. He said go with 245's.
  3. ok.thanks Blue.
  4. when I got my Steeda Sport springs my front tires would rub the inner fender a bit on full lock. I was running 245/50/16's on Pony wheels.
  5. the 255 won't clear, go 245 in front, 255 or larger in the rear.
  6. ok. i was wondering what size side wall i should go. 40 or 45
    thanks again.
  7. i'm running 245/50/16's on 16x8's all the way around, up front and on full lock they'll rub a lil.. no biggie
  8. I have 255/40/17 on the front of my 91. The tires don't rub (stock height) but the rims (fake cobras off ebay) scrape on the a-arm on full lock.
  9. i think 91 was the first year they made the front a wider track or something.
  10. in the 88 i have 255 up front and they rub on full lock but it not that bad.... however even though its possible i will be buying tires after the new year and im going with 245's up front
  11. yeah i think i'm just goin to go with the 245's. its only 10 mm.
    thanks guys for ur imput.
  12. If your lowered the a 17x9 rim will rub the front a-arms (prob will in hard turning even if ur not lowered), and NO the 255's will not fit either, they will rub. My 245 rub in HARD cornering with my C springs.