Yet another Tire?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Spot U 2, May 16, 2006.

  1. I already ran a search and came up empty.

    What is the biggest tire that will fit on the back? Will a 275/55/16 fit with stock ponys? The lips have been rolled and I am willing to beat the inner fender in some if needed. Thanks.:D :D :D
  2. hmmm i went to jegs to buy nittos for my stock pony wheels and the guy said that 245/50/16 was probably the biggest i would want on there. :shrug: they dont look ginormous back there but i dunno if i'd wanna go any bigger? or even if you could on pony rims...
  3. you could run those on the rims. but if you go to a tire shop they will tell you for a 7 inch wide rim the widest you can go is a 255. A 8 inch rim is really needed to run a 275.
  4. I already have the 245/50/16 nittos. They don't hook anymore!!!! Too much power.
    So has no one run these tires?
    M&H drag radial 275/55/16.
  5. Way too big for the wheel. The entire contact patch won't even be touching the ground.....waste of money going that big.
  6. do the 245/50/16's fit on a lowered fox? any rubbing issues?
  7. Mines lowered 1.5" but I don't have 245's all around. I run 225's on the front, so no rubbing issues for me.
  8. 245's fit just fine. Plenty of room< but I also run them only on the back.
  9. I also run 225's on the front with 245's on the back, stock ponys, fit great
  10. If I switch to a 15in rim, will I be able to fit a 275/60/15?
  11. I've seen it before on an unlowered mustang, but there was about 1mm of clearance.....
  12. they will fit but not on a lowered car, i have 275/60/15's and i have MM weight jacker LCA's jacked all the way up so the tire dosent rub on the wheelwell