Yet another toy in the garage... :)

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  1. I just won a 2002 R1 on eBay! It's silver-gray/black setup. I went and looked at it and test road it a little bit today and its damn near PERFECT shape and rides awesome. Previously I had a GSX-R 600 so this should be a nice step up in power :D

    Heres the only pic of it I have (from ebay auction), but I'll snap some more once I bring it home here in the next day or two (gotta borrow my buddies truck, and its finals week so I'm swamped lol).:nonono:

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    It has a power Commander, velocity stacks, CF intake covers, low-profile shorty front turn signals, and a Two Brothers X-Metal carbon fiber slip on - oh and new tires and only 10k miles :nice:

    I know it's not a stang, but its ****ing fast :jaw:
  2. Sweet dude , im jealous I'd love to have an R1
  3. if I was into bikes I'd really like it. No offence... :(
  4. Sweet! The R1 is definately a badass bike! Congrats!
  5. Nice addition, here's mine

    Before two brothers CF exhaust
  6. lol no offense taken :p How can you not like bikes, bikes are awesome and fast and death traps! :rlaugh:

    Kid, that is a sick Ninja!
  7. Good looking bike but be careful :nice:
  8. hahahahaha race his zx 10 lol u wont be happy with the results the zx10 powns all.

    ill race ya with my 636 lol i have yet to lose to an r1 on the strip lol. because all the liter bike guys i race on stock arm suck at riding. they figured a liter bike would be enough and a 600 wouldnt and yet they cant use the power of that liter bike to take down a 636 lol.

    good looking bike though man. be safe with it.:nice:
  9. Heh yeah, I'm not into racing too much on bikes. I took my Katana to the track and ran low 12's, so that was fun I guess lol... I agree don't under estimate a 600, I had alot of fun on my GSX-R and learned to ride quite well.

    The R1 will see mostly around town and highway miles, I have a 50 mile (round trip) commute for school and usually another 25 to 30 a day just dicking around lol... Not to mention 400-500 mile rides on the weekends :nice:

    Best part about all of this is the guy who I'm getting it from has an 03 DSG Cobra vert!! :flag: And he wanted the wheels I had for sale so we settled on a good deal that benefited both of us :D
  10. yea when i first got my bike i put 1000 miles on it the first week i had it lol. i love it and now im going to get into circuit racing. knee dragging is another addiction of
  11. Sweet Benny! Very nice will definatly like it at first, but it MAY get old after a while. Iv riden my busa like once in the past 4 just not too big on it. I do like to ride on occasion though.
    I mean it is fun and its rediculously fast, but I really have more fun driving my turbo mustang. I just keep it to ride with friends some when its warm.

    But I hope your not like me and the newness doesnt wear off too quick.
  12. Cool. As odd as it seems, I'm too big a wuss to even bother trying to ride a bike, let alone a fast one. Ppl often give me weird looks whenever I tell them that, considering the kind of car I drive. but I feel so much more secure in a car, even if it is fast.
  13. i want a bike soo bad!!!!

    the wife just wont let me get one:( i guess my slow ass car will have to do for now
  14. Heh, I really just enjoy riding - being outdoors, with friends, going retarded fast ;) I hit the twisties as well, there are loads of great flat land turns around here, as well as great hills and canyons to carve down south :nice:

    Oh man I was the same way until I started riding. I said "**** THAT!" :eek: But...once I got a bike between my legs it was a match made in heaven lol... I actually feel more in control on a bike (most of the time) than I do in a car - mainly because on a bike I'm waaay more focused and don't do as much stupid and careless stuff.

    LOL yeah my girlfriend hates me for it :rlaugh: It's funny, the dude I bought this bike from didn't want to sell it but they just had a baby earlier this year and his wife was like "No more riding, no more wheelies." :nonono: But oh well, that makes me a happy camper and I got a great bike at an AWESOME price :flag:

    Heres pics safe and sound in my garage! They are too large to post in pic format so just follow the link...
  15. Looks nice Benny :) Just be careful mang...Liter bikes require ALOt of self control to stay alive.
  16. Damn, how many cars do you have?
  17. Two. But I've had three bikes this year alone :rlaugh: