Yet Another What Do Ya Think She'll Make Thread -- This Time.. Carb'd

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  1. As The Title Implies -- All The Info As Per Pretty Much Every Aspect Is Below -- Motor Was In A 79 Capri That Was Totally Gutted and did 7.30s at 90s MPH in the 1/8th. Now Its in a Daily Driver Basically -- Yeah I know I need more gears in this car, and I know a Vic JR/Windsor SR Combo on the street is Meh when it comes to power band, but eh, its all I have to work with right now.

    Sorry for all the bs below, I tried to put the pertinent info first.

    Vehicle: 1986 Mustang GT, 5 Speed

    Engine: 1974 302 Block, Eagle Crank - H Beams - Ross Pistons (Flat Tops, Fly Cut) -- All Forged + Put Together With ARP Hardware, Standard Bore/Stroke, Childs & Albert ZGS Piston Rings, Clevite 77 Bearings, Felpro High Performance Gaskets, Melling HV/HP, Ultradyne Custom Cam -- 571/594 (Can't Find Cam Card, But I Remember That Info), Victor Jr Intake Manifold, Windsor SR. Heads (Comp Cams Guideplates, Springs, Retainers, Pushrods, Ferrea Severe Duty Valves (2.02/1.60) 3/8 ARP Screw-In Studs, Erson 1.73 Roller Rockers, Comp Cams 9 Keyway Adjustable Timing Chain, Melling High Pressure OIl Pump, Mallory Unilite Comp 9000 Distributor + Bronze Gear, Mallory Hyfire VI Digital Box, Mallory Promaster Coil, Be Cool Radiator + 180 T-Stat, Tall Valve Covers W/ K&N Breather Filters -- I Guess One Day I'll Setup A PCV.

    Fuel System: Aeromotive A1000 Pump W/ 1/2inch Feed/Return Lines, Dual Filter Setup (One Before, One After Pump), Tri - Regulator System -- One That Splits To Two - One For The Carb, The Other For The Wet Kit, Glenns Performance Sumped Tank, Aeromotive Fuel Pump Speed Controller, AED Elminator Carb W/ K&N 14" Filter.

    Exhaust: 1 5/8" Long Tubes W/ Copper Gaskets Into Catless H Pipe, Dynomax Bullets Into Flowmaster 40s, Ended With Flexible Exhaust Tubing Dumping Over Axle. Why Four Mufflers? Eh Honestly, Cops Really Hassle Everyone About Noise Around Here And That Is What I Had Laying Around -- Sounds Different, And Pretty Nice, Kinda Like A Mellow Version Of Spintech Prostreets.

    Nitrous: Nitrous Works Plate System 125 Shot w/ Purge Kit (Wet Kit).

    Rear: 3.27 Gears (Indeed I Need Something Steeper), UMI Lift Bars + Upper Control Arms, Boxed In Torque Boxes, Southern Outlaw Shop Heim Jointed Rear End bars (Attaches To Outside of Upper Control Arms), Pinion Snubber, Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft

    Suspension/Chassis: Fully Replaced NOS suspension, Shocks + Springs, Full Subframes + Cross Brace Setup -- Through Floor Attached to 8 Point Cage, Jacking Rails, Steeda Front G-Trac Bar, SMR Rear Shock Tower Brace, Maximum Motorsports 7/8 Front Sway, 1" Rear Sway, Full Poly Bushing Kit For Car -- Including Transmission Mount + Motor Mounts.

    Steering: Flaming River Manual Rack + Pinion -- Quick Ratio + U-Joint Kit.

    Transmission: Rebuilt T-5 From G-Force -- This Is The 3rd Stang Its Been In -- I Sold The Other Two -- One Was Stock + Twin Turbo Setup (Junkyard Kit), The Other Was A Single T-78 On The Same Motor I Have Now, Tranny Has Held Up Pretty Well -- Granted It Hasn't Been Up Against Anything Powerful... Yet.

    Interior: Basically Stock -- Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Two Fuel Pressure And Nitrous Pressure Gauges, Dual Wideband (Sensor In Each Header), Cobra Daytona Seats, G-Force Harnesses (Latch+Lock Style), Misc Switches, Connections, Bypasses, Etc For Fuel Pump, Pump Controller, Nitrous System, Etc. Most of The Gauges + Wideband Are In A Plate That Replaces The Glove Box.
  2. Hmm.. anyone? :shrug: Or am I going to be beating a deadhorse?

    14 Views -- 0 Replies; Well anyway -- I'm thinking like 300rwhp.. is that low or high or what? I usually underestimate. Just looking for something ballparkish. If anyone has a setup similar -- or knows of one. Let me know.

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  3. I feel lonelyyyy... all by myself.:bang:
  4. sounds fast, real fast.
  5. Eh -- I dont think fast is really the word. I think it MAY run low 13s high 12s if I'm lucky with the current gearing.

    Then again the first time out when I had 3.73s in the car (when I first put it together) the thing ran [email protected]

    So Meh -- who knows.

    Any other ideas? And No I do not have anymore cam info -- if I did I would have put it dow already. Ultradyne doesn't seem to have the info on hand either.

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  7. 1 million H.P.
  8. as a stripper, she'll make over a grand a night if shes purdy
  9. 11s or better on the sauce
  10. Interesting; I was thinking max low 12s with the juice in a full weight street car.

    Thanks for your thoughts though! -- Anyone else?
  11. what kind of carb do you have? I would say 300 to 350rwhp.
  12. Carb is listed under the fuel stuff -- AED Eliminator its basically a 650 worked over for 300 to 350 cid engines..

    "Our new "Eliminator" carburetor is designed for 302-360ci engines in heavier cars or with tight converters. It features a CNC ported 650 main body mated to an 850 baseplate for good airflow for power, but smaller venturi sizing for exceptional acceleration. One Killer carburetor for small block Fords."
  13. Thanks for all the input so far.. Anyone else?