Yet another "what will I run" thread

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by DJCarbine, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. I know I know. Take it to the track, take it to the dyno....

    This college boy can barely afford food, let alone gas to drive to and from (and pay fees for) the dyno and track.

    Fresh 289 std. bore, Performer intake, Electronic ignition with advance tuning, stock cam, holley 600cfm 4bbl (tuned secondaries/accel pump), t-5 conversion, stock 2.80 open rear, assuming I get a good launch and my shifting is excellent + motor is tuned to optimal performance. This is all with stock manifolds and a stock dual exhaust.

    I'm not looking for "you will run a 15.27554" hehe, just a ballpark of what I can expect when I finally do run.

    I know I will be lucky if I'm pushing 200 @ the rear wheels, and maybe a mid to low 15 second pass. What do you guys think?
  2. thinking back to when i first ran my stang after i did some mods to it....

    It hand a 3-speed, 2.80 peg-leg gears, long tubes and perfromer RPM cam and intake and carb

    I was running high/mid 14s with the occasional bad run in the low 15s
  3. I had about the same combo when i first raced by 289. stock heads, exhaust manifolds, dual point dizzy, 4sp...she ran [email protected] mph...i had some bad wheelhop, but i had 3.55 open gears, the 2.80 is going to kill you...however w/ a good launch i really think you could see a mid 15 sec run...oops i think i missed what heads you have, if they are stock
    289 1.78/1.45 valves then yeah around mid 15's. your sig says performer package, if you have the aluminum heads then for sure low 14's maybe high 13's..
  4. My combo was nearly identical with the exception of a bigger cam and headers and I was running mid/high 15's on street tires. Wheel hop was a major problem off the line.
  5. With a stick? Low 15's, maybe high 14's.
  6. Great68, have you run your car at track? I have some 165 AFR's to replace my stock units and will be about the same combo as yours. I would be very
    interested to know what your times were. Thanks.
  7. Good launch, 2.80 open rear end? High 15, low 16.
  8. My best so far was a [email protected]

    But I have issues. That was with no tuning, terrible traction and wheel hop, and a transmission that was shifting itself out of 2nd at 4500 RPM (Even though I was going through the gears manually).

  9. Thanks, Yeah it sounds like you have lots more in the combo than those #'s would suggest. My best has been a 14.44 @97 last month and that's w/ the stock heads and 3.55 open gear. It's for sure tricky to get good traction w/ these old Stangs, I had to do lots of little supsension tricks to get rid of the wheelhop. I'm really hoping to get into the low 13's w/ the new heads and 3.80 trak loc i just got installed. I'm going this friday back to the track still w/ the stock heads but new gear. My goal for now is to break into the 13's just need a good 60' time and i think i'm there. :nice: