Yet another wheel and tire thread...

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by samckernan, May 6, 2005.

  1. I just ordered this setup!


    18 x 9.5 wheels front and back... GT500 Cobra knock offs:,1&item=7971267321&sspagename=STRK:MEWA:IT


    Front Tire: 255/40-18.
    Width: 10.04"... 0.75 on an inch wider that stock.
    Height: 26.03"... 1.14 inch less than stock.

    Rear Tire: 285/40-18.
    Width: 11.22"... 2.0 inches wider that stock.
    Height: 26.97"... less than a quarter inch shorter than stock.

    Tires are Dunlop Sport 9000's from Discount Tire.

    Everything should be here within a week. I'm hoping to get the call tomorrow for my car. It was built week of April 4th. Robot Lady says it's on the rail system. Dealer said it should be here tomorrow.

    I hope everything fits.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Those should look real good!!

  3. be sure to post pics...