Yet another wheel question

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by steel1212, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Will 14x8s with 3.5 backspaceing work on the back? I'm wanting to put some cheap wheels on there to get rid of the stockers until I can purchase some goods ones. I'm thinking of these on the back and 14x7s on the front.
  2. Depends, do you want the wheels and rubber to stick out past the fenders?
  3. I would rather they did not. But I also would like to get as much meat back there as I can. If these won't work any suggestions on some cheap decent looking wheels that will?
  4. If you click the link in my sig you can pull up a wheel chart for you year mustang and look at the various size rims and backspacing required to fit the different sized tires.

    outer diamter (15 16 17) x 8 with 4.75 Basckspcing is a popular choice and allows the installation for some beefy tires without much work.

    I run 17x8 4.75 bs on my 65 with a 255 tire on later years you can go wider.
  5. Do you know of any cheapy wheels with 4.75 backspacing? The only cheap wheels I can find are 3.5 or so. I plan on spending the dough for the wheels probably like everybody else and get 17 x 8 torque II but right now building up the motor is draining the wallet.

    If I get the 14 x 8s with 3.5 how bad will it look on the back and can I get a set of 14 x 7s on the front with 3.5 bs and work with out rubbing on stock suspension?