Yet Another Wheel Spacer Question

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Kevin R., Oct 9, 2005.

  1. I tried searching but most people had wider rims.

    With a 8" wide rim and 275 on the rear what size wheel spacer do you guys think would bring it out even with the wheel well?

    Thanks! :nice:

    EDIT: Would a 1.25" look okay? I think I found some.
  2. It really depends on which part of the wheel well.. Flush with some parts = sticking out in others...

    Im going with 1" myself, but 1.25 should be fine.
  3. I ran 1" with 245s and the tire was damn near flush...A bud had some 1 3/4 spacers I tried...Looked way to funky for me....stuck the tires out beyond the body...
    With 275s a 1" should be ok...any wiser and its gonna get real Dukes of Hazard looking... :nonono: Unless thats the look your after, tires way out...
    I run a 1/4" on my 275s at the moment and its just right to me...

    This is the 275s BEFORE adding a 1/4" its a tad more at the moment..
    I have some newer pics but they're huge...


  4. Go down to the hardware store and buy a bag of washers, slip them over the stud and put the wheel on. DO NOT drive it like this. When you get to what looks good to you, measure the thickness of the stack of washers.....
    Then let us know so we don't have to do it...
  5. RIO - How wide are your rims?

    Also, where can you get 3/4" with the pre-mounted studs?

    I have only seen 1"+.

    I didn't want to go the MM route, too much money just to space the wheels IMO. I found some hubcentric ones on Ebay for around 60$, but they are 1.25 and I don't want the wheels to stick out crazy gangster style.
  6. Okay, I found some 1", I think I will go with them.

    EDIT: Rio, are those pics before any spacing at all?