Yet another X-plan question (re: ESPs)

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  1. I want to know if Ford offers X-plan pricing for Ford extended warranties?
    I did a search and got conflicting information. One poster said yes, another said the dealer can charge whatever he wants for them.

    Just want to know for sure for when the time comes (My EAA X-plan kicks in in 10/05) unless one of you guys/gals has one you are willing to part with sooner to convert me from a MOPAR driver (legit only, please). Thanks in advance for any info.


    My Christmas List:

    2005 Mustang GT Premium
    Windveil Blue
    Dark Charcoal
    Machined Wheels
    Wheel Locks
    Side Air Bags
    Anti-Theft Package
    Spoiler Delete
    (transmission undecided)
  2. First off, my mother-in-Law's friend sells Ford ESP to Ford Dealers. "Cost" on ESP for the mustang (12,000 miles a year) is as follows:

    7 years 100,000 miles; cost is $1,900

    5 years 60,000; cost $545.00.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Yes - they are offering the extended warranty under the XPlan price.

    It is about $1200 (XPlan price) to go 5 years/60k.

    I just picked up my new 2005 Mustang yesterday and this is what I was told when I asked.

    Hope this helps!
  4. So, the dealer is charged $545 dollars and they want to sell it to you for $1,200? Thats a mark-up of $655! They were try to rip-you-off!! NOT COOL.
  5. ALL extended warranties, whether it be on your car, refrigerator, TV or ANYTHING else are nothing more than a means to add profit to the sale.

    You will be better off if you NEVER buy an extended warranty on ANYTHING that you buy. If you are worried about coming up with the money for a repair, simply put the mony you would have spent on extended warranty and put it into a CD or other savings account.
  6. Ford has no special pricing on ESP's for x-plan customers. There is a suggested retail price list,but the dealer are free to sell them for whatever they choose.