yet anothet idle problem

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by D347643, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. ok so after adjusting my fuel press regulator and putting the vaccum line back on my idle is insane. I dont understand why it's going crazy :shrug: ALSO, it only does it when warming up, after you drive it a mile and stop its fine, a little high but still pretty much stable. Can changing your fuel press affect your mass air or ecu? Anyone have any ideas or is it too broad?


  2. oh and by the way i richened it up, 35 vaccum off and now its runs like ****. MyDad said that it was having that problem before, the low end idle being crazy when the mixture was richer. But the car runs great with the richer mixture, it was way too lean before i think
  3. what mods do you have??
  4. twisted wedge heads, street heat intake, 65mm tb 76mm mass air calibrated for 24 pounders, stock cam, 1.6 rr, forged pistons, blah blah usual bolt ons, underdrive pulleys.


  5. i have mine set to 38 with the line off, i did put some time in adjusting my idle, took awhile, basicly because i would have to disconnect the battery for 20 minutes to clear the computers memory. every time you adjust the idle screw, disconnect the battery and check the tps sensor, i have mine set at .95 finally got it to idle around 900-950 range without any surge or stall. when you reconnect your battery, let it idle with no acessories on for a couple minutes, shut it off for a couple and fire it back up with all accessories on for a couple of minutes, when doing this you will see your idle even out as the computer is now learning after being wiped give it a try, see if it helps, as far as fuel pressure, try 38 and see how she runs, its kinda hard without an air/fuel gauge to see whats going on, or you can take it to get a tune at a mustang shop. good luck, later tom