Yikes! Spray paint and side mirrors?

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  1. My side mirrors on my 1992 are crotchety looking at best. I pulled them off today, taped them up and spray painted them with some flat black color. One of them I accidentally touched and it left a big fingerprint. To fix that I tried to wipe it with a paper towel and oh no is all I can say. That turned a smooth even paint into a giant disaster.

    What is the next step? Let the paint dry then try to remove the paint with some paint thinner and try again?

    Will putting another coat on top of it in a whlile smooth out the garbage I created? It looks like if you tried to paint it on with a paint brush now.
  2. Any uneven surface will show thru if another coat is applied. I'd wet sand with 400 grit until the finger print is gone and feels smooth - if you can feel unevenness it will show in the paint. And also I would wet sand the whole mirror housings so the paint will bite better.
  3. Let them dry, use a scotch brite or 3M red scuff pad and sand till smooth again. the pad is equal to 400-600 grit sand paper and easier to use on the round surface than sand paper. clean mirror before shooting again. :nice:
  4. I used the googone (lol) to clean the paint up till it was mostly smooth. Then I gave it 4 coats of some gloss spray paint from autozone. Attached is the outcome. That is water on there and not giant drops of paint :)

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  5. If you are looking for a glass like finish wait a week for the paint to cure then use a Meguirs #2 cleaning wax and rub it out. After you acheive the smoothnes you want use Meguirs liquid gold wax. :nice: I think you will be surprised at the outcome.
  6. This is what I did....
    -sanded down the worn out paint
    -sprayed plastic primer
    -sprayed black trim paint

    it's not a gloss look but it comes out extremely even and matches the rest of my flat black trim.


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  7. Wow, yours makes it look like a 2 year old did mine!
  8. Mine came as black plastic from the factory. I wet sanded them with 800 to 2000 grit, then polished them. Glossy plastic, no paint to chip.
  9. I think the flat black looks better in this situation as it matches the rest of the trim. If all your trim is gloss black, then go with gloss mirrors, but i think gloos with flat trim will make it stand out too much
  10. The flat definitely looks better. Luckily, Autozone's idea of glossy spray paint isn't really that glossy.
  11. Haha...all good! It was an easy fun little project. The owner before me did the gloss black spray paint and it was looking pretty shabby. Yeah, go with the flat black if you want it to match up better :nice: