Yippee! Finished installing my drag suspension! (airbag psi question)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Grandmaster, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. w00t!!!!
    FINALLY DONE!! It feels like i've been rolling out of the bead and into the garage floor for the last week and its finally finally done. We installed lakewood 90/10s and 50/50s, an eibach drag kit w/airbag, and x2c motorsports boxer st upper and lower control arms. All i have to do now is get my subframes welded in and i'm set! I also removed the swaybars and quadshocks. Car feels different for sure. With the BFG Drag radials i'm sure i'll have ZERO problems hooking up. My question though is about the airbag. It says minimum psi for opperation is 5. Eigbach included a sheet that says for an application of 300hp and lower 3-9 psi is a good spot to have it. I have mine in that area now for street use. But, what do i do when i take it to the track? Up it to like 10-15? Thanks! It freeked me out this morning though. All i had to do was install the pinion snubber and airline w/fitting. So i did that (installed the air line behind my bumper cover, pretty decent spot) and it said to put 35psi in the bag. So i hit it w/some air and checked, like 15 or so. Hit it for a few seconds and checked.....45!! That thing fills QUICK! Gotta be carefull. I've only taken it down the road a couple miles and back but it feels great. A little switchy due to the swaybar removal of course, feels a tad bouncier, but overall it feels fine. Sits back pretty nice when i romp on it too :). Thanks for any tips on the bag. Man it feels great to be done....
  2. Great job !

    ..Done alot to the suspension there, thats nice.
    Read a story about this in Muscle Mustang and Fast Mopars...
    No no, Fast Fords... They named it "Flash in the pan".
    400rwhp in a -86 Mustang (Lightning engine)
    They used 30 pounds, and the car left straight and 60-foot times improved. Oktober, 2003 issue. Good Luck ! :)
    (Got a kit in my garage. installing it before my next race)
  3. I keep mine on 20psi on the street & on the track I take some out depending on what side is squatting less when I launch..I also have adjustable tokico struts in the front which I keep on 1 (least stiff) so it's a nice bouncy ride & it sits back pretty good when I get on it..I also took out my quad shocks :D
  4. Man this suspension is going to make me lazy about launching! I was on the way home last night and when i got to the country road i live on i was like.."Hmmm..wonder how much better it launches." so i stopped, took it to about 3 grand a DUMPED the clutch. Barely even barked the tires, set back and shot off. Thats on street pressure, on a poor quality country road (used to be gravel, i dont know what its called now...pee gravel or something but its paved), with NO burnout. Man that's sweet. I've GOTTA be able to pull 1.6s if i have enough power. EASY 13s here i come.
  5. thats a very nice drag suspension that you got there. I dont know about the air bag pressure, but the other guys will.

    I really want to get some 70/30s for my front, so i bet that your 90/10s have to raise the front of the car like crazy. I only have the rear drag springs.... i wish i had a full set like you :rolleyes:

    enjoy the traction..... keep us posted if you do run the set up at the track and what 60s you get.
  6. Thanks, i'll definitely keep you guys posted. I MIGHT go to the track this saturday...i gotta check and see if my brother or anyone else will go with me (bit of a drive). The 90/10s definitely let the car come up compared to stock and still ride pretty good in my oppinion. I'm not too picky when it comes to ride quality though, so i might not be the best judge. Luckily the car still sits about the same...i think it may have somehow actually lowered the car a little.

    {mcdonald's music/}Traction: ba da ba ba baaaaa....I'm lovin' it.[/music}
    p.s. would i be over optimistic to hope for a 13.5? I think i can get it with the subframes, but..i dunno without.
  7. Good to hear man. I'm building the suspension as this years project. I would put the rear swaybar back on so the rear will stay even more straight, but if the way you did it works, I'm all for it. I just did the LCA's, made a big difference. Even a aftermarket drag suspension will outcorner a worn out stock suspension.
  8. I too would put the rear sway bar back on.
    I've found 6psi to work best for my car, that is with stock rear sway bar still being utilized.
    Too much preload in the bag will make the car want to turn while under power going down the track.
    1.6 60's with stock hp and dr's is not going to be a walk in the park.
    Best of luck.