yippee for longtubes! wait? crap now what..

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  1. ok so anyone tackle this yet? i have done tons of stock manifold swaps in my days some shorties here and there and a set of longs on an iroc (worst weekend ever) but after poking around under the car while doing my catback it didnt look too bad so i went and ordered them. So anyone got any helpful hints, tips, tricks?

    also we still suffer from unbearable underhood temps as do all these 05 and up would wrapping the headers be a bad idea?

    and im a regualr mechanic so i have regualr tools and good ole rideup ramps. think i can do this on my own.
  2. send them out to be coated and you wont have to worry about underhood temps.

    longtubes on these vehicles will require you to remove the motor mount bolts and to jack the engine up a little bit. You might have to loosen up the trans mount brace also.

    Become a hand contortionist and you hsould be fine.

    I installed some equal length headers on a lightning...now THAT was a chore!
  3. I probably would advise having another pair of helping hands. It took me and 2 other guys (with tools, a shop, and a lift) about 6 hours to install the long tubes on my 05. Also, I would assume, but am not completely sure, that you may want to replace the motor mounts. The 05 + came with liquid filled mounts to reduce engine vibration but it also allowed the motor to shift more thus the headers may hit the frame if you don't replace them. There was very little clearance in my 05.