Yo Chepsk8.................

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  1. yep Dan, you need that car. indian fire vert and it's a GT to boot. :nice:
  2. If I know Dan he'll just whine that it's not a CJ though. He can find the downside to anything no matter what an unusual combo it is.:rolleyes:
  3. OMFG!!!!!

    Time to start pulling up the couch cushions!

    (and, even give up my search for another 1974 H/O)
  4. Speaking of, Pak,

    What's the latest with yours?

  5. a few phone calls will solve that problem though. i'm actually kind of thinking that he'll buy this one because Deanna is still pissed at him for getting rid of "her" car. :rlaugh:
  6. A what? A baking powder? You talking about the Civic or have I missed something important? Did he finally get her the Stang she deserves and then pull the rug out from under her?

    Dan, coming along but still not finished, this is the Spring though, I feel it, Pak is back.

  7. Pak, when he sold Chepie dingbat....

    don't listen to him Dan i feel a new thread about "when good farberware goes bad" coming on again.....:D
  8. good luck Dan, i hope you can get it

  9. Oh yeah...........well............... at least I don't have a fish in my pants.

    It might still smell a little like I did from last night though. :rolleyes:

    BTW, if you think the Cheap one is going to lay out 35k for something he thinks he can build himslef with a little paper mache and some bubble gum then you are the dingbat. :p
  10. smells like pakrat has an interesting story to tell. ok pak the stage is yours, break out well? :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  11. I just know what little I read here in other threads but if Dan want's to start a faberware war I am sure I can dig up the whole story and then some.

  12. actually it was me that broke out the farberware not Dan. but you can dig it up anyway if you want.
  13. Right but you were trying to seed the idea for him to do so, thus my warning shot.

  14. actually i was just thinking that this spring we'll see a new farberware thread instead of seeing results on your car, that's all. :D but if you wanna drag Dan into it that's fine, i don't mind, i show no loyalty to anyone when it comes to this kind of amusement.:nice: