Yo, I got your Carfax's right here!

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  1. It is just as cheap to get it for a month as it is for a single report. Give me some VIN's to run. I've already ran all my cars. I'll PM or post Carfax reports. I'll try my best to be quick about it.
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    Thanks for any help!
  3. sent it out in PM!
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  5. take your time, PM please


    I owe you one...just one...lol
    thanks man!
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    Hah, you can tell the first three are Fords :)
    Sorry there are so many, they are just some of my more important vehicles, and I never got the chance to get them done...
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    i'm looking at buying this truck for my brother. the price looks too good to be true.
  8. when your free:


  9. looking for the reason it has salvaged title, nothing else.

  10. Thanks for the carfax bro!
  11. yeah same here
    thanks man!
    I think I got sold a lemon or a lemon to be
    I bought the car 2yrs ago, soo i dont think i can do anything about it anymore
    thanks tho
  12. 1FAFP42X03F451119 thanks for the help.
  13. wow, you're quick. thanks again
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    thanks bro... pm the results to me please!!!!!!

    waits in anticipation
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  16. 1FAFP45X52F131112 please and thank you.
  17. Send it to me too.....You are the man.:nice:

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