Yo, I got your Carfax's right here!

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  1. PM's sent! I will be out of town Thursday Feb1, and Friday Feb2. Back running your VIN's on Saturday.
  2. Thank you!
  3. 1FACP41E1NF127800 please. Thanks :)
  4. I really need this car fax report on my car if anyone can help. Thanks

    1FAFP42X9YF153661 please send to [email protected]
  5. Thanks a lot man! :SNSign:
  6. Just bought a used 03 GT. I was offered a good deal and just kinda jumped on it. The VIN is:


    Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate it.

  7. As of Feb 2nd still no report someone please send. Thanks alot to who ever does!
  8. He's out of town, give him time it's free and he's good enough to offer after all.
  9. 1 more please


  10. 1FAFP42X3YF215930. Thanks a ton!
  11. when you get a chance:
  12. 1FACP31X5PK187519

    THANKS MAN:nice:
  13. 1FALP42X4TF170928
  14. Mr2 - JT2SW22NOP0077062

    Avalon - 4T1BF18B1WU257071

  15. When you aren't busy:

    Thanks in advance!
  16. Thanks man:nice:
  17. Thanks a lot Droid, it's my first time seeing a car fax, has a ton of great info. Knew I was the 3rd owner but didn't know the time line of ownership. Glad to see my car is clean, funny it even shows when my car failed emissons inspection (damn Bassani POS cats) :lol:

    Can carfax run motorcycle VINs??? I'm curious whatever happned to my old Honda Shadow. If you have time let me know I can PM you the VIN.

    Again, thanks again for helping me and the others here on Stangnet.
  18. 1FAFP42XXYF30317
    That's 16 numbers. I need 17.

    I tried running motorcycle VIN's. Carfax does not recongize their VIN's.