Yo, I got your Carfax's right here!

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  1. Can you run this vin number when you get a chance. 2003 MazdaSpeed JM1BJ227030641861
  2. Thanks droid!!:nice:
  3. Can you please check 1FMDU35P1VZB17209 for me. I am interested in buying this vehicle but need some history. 1997 Ford Explorer.

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  4. Okay, I am back for a day or two. I went 2980 miles in three and a half days. I left WA and arrived at the place I want to rent in VA. Now I am at a motel, waiting on the rental application. If I don't get it, than I will be calling the Best Western home for a few days. At least the electric, water, and internet is "free" at $110 a night. If I do get it I will be in the dark ages again, as the lodge doesn't have internet yet. PM's sent to VIN requesters. I will stop running VIN's after this. My Carfax will be used up, and I will be trying to move into something, hopefully not a cardboard box.
  5. Nice drive wasn't it?
  6. I was to busy going fast to notice. I used to drive long haul trucks, and I have done this route a few times before. My car was so loaded down with crap the rear end was bottomed out. I could only get 125mph max out of it in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. I was near max gross weight for the car. Mustangs hold more stuff then you think.