Yo, I gotz madd drifting skillz

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  1. For a while I've been entertaining the idea of getting a Nissan beater to tinker with(prolly never happen cause I have enough cars). So for entertainment I check out ebaymotors just to see what older SE-R Sentras and 240's are going for.

    B13('91-'94) SE-R Sentras are still dirt cheap, but for some reason I'm seeing that the S13 240's have now reached collector car status. These idiots seriously want 5.0 Mustang prices for these cars, claiming they''re "Silvias" and "Awesome drift cars." And what's worse, is they're not even stock. I could see paying decent money for an unmolested car, but these all have bodykits and look like absolute crap.
    So I go over to the Nissan forum. Click on the 240 page and almost everysingle screenname has something to do with drifting. So I ask...What's the big freaking deal? So they have one of 5 imports with RWD. Mustangs have had RWD All 40 years of it's existence. But you don't see all of us Stangnet people calling ourself drifters. :shrug:

    I try to keep an open mind, that not all import people are complete idiots. I even have friends with imports. But geez...this kind of crap is getting ridiculous.

    So needless to say, I've abandoned all efforts to join the import owners club. I mean $500 a pop for an SE-R aint bad, but I really don't want to look like an moron.
  2. :lol:. Nissan and Subaru are the only Japanese car companies I really have respect for. It's a shame what their owners are typically like.
  3. yeah i was a big fan of the WRX before i got my stang, its a much better first car, being 1/5 the price (3,200 compared to 15,000 for a 02' WRX)
    the wrx's arent the best cares to look at, but and still cool =D
  4. Its all about the owners. My friend came from Japan and they are big into drifting too. But they don't put on all those dumb bodykits and then claim their car is fast without doing any performance mods. The Japanese car crowd usually does performance mods and then does aesthetics. There are Silvias all over the place (Silvias are 240SXs) They look very clean, no stickers whatsoever, no park bench wings. The body kits flow nicely with the natural look of the car, the wings match nicely, and aren't 5 feet off the car. Most Americans totally overdue the "import" look with ungodly amounts of stickers, ass looking body kits and huge triple deck wings on a front wheel drive car.

    I give mad props to the true "import" car modders, who stick with the real look just like you would find in Japan.
  5. The thing is, our cars make more hp and torque than their cars. And we've been on a RWD platform for 40 years. But we don't have countless threads about "drifitng styles" or "How do I drift?" threads.

    I mean, one of my friend's roommates has a '93 240, and since it was a Notchback, I mentioned that I wanted to find one like his. The impression I got from this kid was that he wasn't a ricer. Just someone that bought a 240. No fart can, no wing, no trash talking domestics. But the first thing out of his mouth was, "Yeah, I haven't drifted yet. But someday I will."(he must've visited a 240 forum too :D )
    My first thought was, "Yea I haven't either. And I'm making 193hp/225ftlb." :rolleyes:
    I just don't get it. :shrug:
  6. [QUOTE='66 coupe]"Yeah, I haven't drifted yet. But someday I will."(he must've visited a 240 forum too :D )
    My first thought was, "Yea I haven't either. And I'm making 193hp/225ftlb." :rolleyes:
    I just don't get it. :shrug:[/QUOTE]

    LMAO. :rlaugh:
  7. Well it's a matter of choice. The Japanese prefer to drift, when we prefer to drag. They aren't all about making the most power, they're about being able to control the car, when we prefer to just floor it and get to the finish line first. Don't get me wrong, I don't drift, I don't think it's that impressive, I'm just trying to give the perspective from the other side. And the import crowd in America is getting the wrong impression of drifting as well. They're ruining drifting just like they ruined the import scene.
  8. i got a 04 nissan maxima rental car and the thing goes 0-100 faster then the stang goes 0-60 i swear! :worship: >>> teh maxima
  9. funny, i remember when "drifting" used to be called sliding out of control...

    i mean really, what's the benefit in that? "hey look at me, i can wear my tires down!" :doh: :nonono:
  10. I'll admit it's pretty fun. I actually do it on purpose in the snow as long as I have adequate space and time ;).
  11. It's the same thing with Americans doing burnouts. Its all about preference.
  12. burnouts are just as stupid if you ask me... why would you wanna drop 500 bucks on a set of z-rated tires just to burn them up in a parking lot?
  13. Burnouts can actually serve a purpose. Like heating up racing slicks. Which is probably where the idea for burnout competitions came from. But I still don't see the point of burnout contests. A tactical smoke bomb will do the same thing.

    My ex-roommate was real big on all aspects of asian culture, including imports(even though he didn't know jack about cars). When I asked, "What good does drifting do?" He said, "It helps you maintain speed in curves." :shrug:
    I can see this in rally racing. But what about a normal race where tire wear and pit stops take up time on the clock? :doh:

    I just think it's stupid that people are so quick to embrace something they don't fully understand, only because it's what's in at the moment(almost like the entire import scene).
  14. hah, i remember one day coming into school, our mom made us leave REALLY early, because we were going to school and, it was snowing like crazy. so my brother (this was with the o1' silver GT conv) decides to slide across half the parking lot, which runs the lenght of our school, which is prolly as long as a footbal field. only 2 other cars in the parking lot, parked up in front and out of the way, we 'drifted' 90 degree to the direction we were moving, that was funny as hell... it snowed so much that day one of our friends nearly totalled his car near the local mall on the way to school because of the snow, (skidded into a pole, humerous because 3 of our teachers and our principal saw it happen) (in an accord or soemething)
    so thats all the drifting hes done, lol, in the snow =)
  15. And then there is tray sliding.
  16. the most drifting i've done involves wet roads balled out firestone tires and a ditch, lol, not a good day..... need 2 new front wheels and a alignment after that little scene
  17. teh S13 ownj ju all!
  18. theres a thin line between "sliding out of control" and sliding while being in total control. much props to those who can. you must understand that some people prefer the track as opposed to the drag strip. and be careful of who you mock. some of those 240s with sr20's or s14's will smash on us 6ers, even on the drag strip. "we" might be interested in raw power while "they" are more along the lines of suspension gurus. most stangs handle pretty bad which is why i think that they were made mainly to go straight. but imports handle quite well. not to diss the american muscle, but id say imports can hold their own if there was some sort of all round test.