Yo, I gotz madd drifting skillz

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  1. Lol, i dont disagree with most of what silver bullet said, but
    "18" Katana Rims wrapped in Goodrich G-force kdw
    Skyline R34 Front, SaLeen Sides & Rear
    Carbon Fiber Hood & Wing (coming soon) "
    he is apparently an import sypathizer!
    just messin, i would like to see how the R34 front looks, all i have seen is the terrible shot they have on ebay... PICS MAN PICssssss!
  2. First of all, the S14 is not an engine. It's one of the bodystyles that the 240/Silvia came in; like us saying SN95. The engine you're thinking of is the ka24de which is the 2.4(hence the 24), that was used in Nissan pickups. That engine was used in the American version of the Silvia(known here as the 240, for 2.4[Australia got the sr20det, like Japan, but the car was called the 200, for 2.0]).
    Secondly, the only way a 240 will ever touch a V6 Mustang in the 1/4 is if it was turbo'd. And since there is no stock turbo on a 240, a fair comparison says the Mustang gets a turbo too.
    All this is kind of sad when you look at the prices of 240's. This drifting crap has driven the prices up to around the same as GT's of the same years. So you're also comparing the wrong Mustang to the 240. Everybody keeps forgetting that the V6 is the BASE engine when comparing imports to Mustangs.

    BTW, I think it's funny you have a mods list in your sig., but no one knows what kind of car you have.
  3. HAHAHAHA tray sliding could be the greatest. for those of you that dont know what it is you take a FWD car and two plastic trays from like Mcdonalds you place the trays infront of the rear tires and move the car so that the rear wheels rest on the trays and you lock the e-brake. and then you just go and turn and slide/do donuts whatever tickles your fancy. it is quite fast and fun...it was in my friends car and not my own maybe thats why it was more fun :rolleyes:

    on another note i have not had a large amount of experience w/ drifting but from what i have seen the 240/silvia is very popular. i dont know how accurate this is but i have been told that the way the cars weight is distributed it is perfect for drifting and the RWD is very effective. i have also heard that the newest style preludes have the same kind of weight disribution that is nice for drifting but w/ FWD. also n e american 240 that claims the silvia name is either 1) a real slilvia conversion which has something to do w/ a front bumper headlight swap to simulate the japanese car or 2) the person is just full of crap.
  4. i'll hafta try that with my new 89 civic si...
  5. lol, man i gotsa try that with one of my friends cars...
    i think sillverbulllit has a stang, what kinda other car has saleen bodykit parts? or am i just a little stupid nub? or are they cool liekt hat guy who used an accord front body kit as his replacement bumper? (no hard feelings)
    and as for 240 transfer to silvia, jdm lights dont always look too bad =D
  6. I figured it was a Mustang. But listing the model year can also reveal some valuable information.
    There was just a small boost in hp in 1999. And Saleen body kits from either bodystyle are available.