Yo, it's me again

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  1. Got rid of the SVT, got me an import :hail2:







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  2. You trade change cars more often then your underwear? How much in the hole are you now? Every time you get a car, you get one smaller then the last one...whats next? A golf cart? Go-cart? A supermini...:shrug:
  3. i would guess motorcycle, then one of them scooters, then he'll be ridin racin bycycles....
  4. wow it's next to a huge bat, it's justa lil baseball, bahahahahahahahahahah!
  5. Nope, it will probably be a Mini S :eek:
  6. so who pays for all yur cars
  7. its not the s edition? so its the n/a one??
  8. did you not read the other topic?? the one where you posted the exact same question? and no, it's not the S. 26k is out of my league.
  9. What would possess you to get one of those fugly things?
  10. Dude that's sweet. What are your plans for it?
  11. Werd, I love the Coopers. Cool looking car! But I liked the Focus too.....
  12. i think i just found stangv6's next purchase...


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  13. wtf happend to your avatar?
  14. Splattered, you sick monkey! Actually I look those little Coopers. I heard they're like tooling around in an overpwered go-kart. I wouldn't mind one, but I wouldn't trade in my Stang for one. Have fun with it!

    BTW, I can beat that Splattered. Your's has one too many tires!

    SH**! Sinse when did they put a limit on the number of pics you can iupload?!?

    According to the attachments box, we're allowed 250,000 bytes, and I've uploaded 3.7 million bytes (Hehe!). Oh well, here's a link instead...

  15. Ahaha, StangV6. Now theres a name I havn't seen in a while.:p

    Nice car! :nice:
  16. stress...

    and btw, something about this car reminds me of the ambiguously gay duo.:D


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  17. Wow dood, your cars continue to become more gay. :nice: Haha, just givin ya a hard time. At least it's not ugly like the Focus is.
  18. :lol:
  19. WTF is that!!!!!!


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  20. I would absolutely have to agree with that!

    hiattwl: It's an outrageously funny SNL cartoon.

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