Yo "Mr.Woodster"...

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  1. I have a question for you...

    Well...a couple actually. I wouldn't want to think you didn't have some reasonable answers or that you would just take a shot, then run and hide.
  2. Im not one to start things online and i do my best to be decent to everyone. This maybe just me, or a handfull of people, but it seems like you always come off the wrong way when you post. I never said you were any of those things you listed....others may have, i choose not to throw out judgement via the interweb.
    Its you cool you want to hang out sometime and when my schedule lightens up, you bet ill be all over that.
    As for running and hidding....im on and off of stangnet so if my "shots" seem unasnwerd...usualy becuase i dont follow up on threads.

    The christian thing? well i do my best but i aint even close to perfect...i apologize if i was comming off rudely,it wasnt my intent, rather to show that we all have opinions (some fact others fiction), idea's and dreams ...you may be 100% correct on the headswap, but id like to see the "open mind" encouragment around more.

    Why? becuase most of what is done with the 2.3t has/is said by every other person to be impossible.

    Anyways, ive gota go...like i said, peace...you aint burning crosses or anything , lol.
  3. "gio", I thought you already got class credit for stangnet, why are you still in the class? Seriously, most people here would be thrilled to finish their 2.3T swap and make it to 250-300hp, much less run an 8.3 in the 1/8th mile. Anything beyond that is just daydreaming for 95% of the people here.
    A lot of people see your post count and writing style and write you off as an arrogant newbie that wants to tell us how to build a 2.3T "the right way". You even have a 'fake' quarter mile time to back it up.
  4. I think that may be because people relate post count to knowledge...big mistake. And I have also noticed that there are certainly a lot of..."coming soon" items in the sig files here. ;)

    I mostly just like to hang out somewhere to try and help out and have some fun. Like I said when I first got on here...Ben said this place sucked, so I figured it must be a decent place to hang. :D

    As for offering "encouragement" on the Volvo deal...not even. There are enough starry-eyed sycophants out there crowing about it for no reason. I think there needs to be a credible counterweight to their dreaming, otherwise people will think it's a lead pipe cinch, piece-of-cake deal that makes a zillion horses...when the reality is that it looks more and more like a pipe dream.

    I don't wish that anyone's engine blows up or anything...but those guys clearly don't need any rooting from me. I'm more worried that an accurate picture of the difficulty...and I think, serious shortfalls of the swap should be discussed.
  5. I usualy don't see eye to eye with Joe (gio) and thus may never get a Christmas card from him :p Anyways, this guy helped write the book on 2.3Ts and I would take a few minutes to listen to him. Even if his post count is pretty small and he comes across as arrogant. Also, I would do a little research before I started calling his numbers fake. I don't know him personaly but I've read/seen enough to get the idea he is on the level.
  6. My personal experience is that Joe's a pretty good guy. I've watched the drama on TF and that was all fine and dandy, but when I was having an issue (which I thought at the time was near-catastrophic) with my T5 swap and posted my cell # because I had no internet, he called me long distance and helped me out. We shot the **** for a few minutes, not that I really knew much about much, and his info turned out to be correct which helped me out a lot.

    He does come off as a bit of a know-it-all online, but from what I understand, he does know-a-damn-good-bit about cars in general and 2.3T's in particular. Not that that gives a person carte blanche to become a jerk, but I take the attitude with a grain of salt because I think that Joe's tech advice is usually pretty right on.

    BTW Joe, there's a blurb about you and the Focus in this little "Over-Rev" magazine that my dealership got a bunch of copies of. :)

  7. So, what book did gio help write about the 2.3L's?

    I need to expand my technical knowledge in a very bad way and I did not know that people wrote books on these things.

    Does somebody have a turbocharged2.3L reading list?
  8. The "wrote the book" remark is a figure of speech. Joe has basicaly done what every you think or don't think can be done to a 2.3T. If he doesn't know it, theres a good chance it can't be done. As for reading up on these motors, you can use the search botton or simply post a question. Another good source of info is TurboFord.org Between the two forums you should be able to get what ever information you're looking for.
  9. You never sent me your address....LOL
  10. Hawwahh????

    They just shot the car Sunday...:eek: Dayum...those guys don't mess around...LOL
  11. I've said it before...as far as I'm concerned, these boards are no different than a garage you'd hang out in with your buddies. Nobody would whine and snivel if the local "top gun" told you were full of crap..either you prove him wrong or do what he says.

    Somehow on the Internet, it seems to be out of style to disagree with someone...it's like you're supposed to give every perspective the same weight, even if it's clearly not based on reality or sound mechanics.

    (edit) Sooo...are you acting like a "know it all" if in fact, you do "know it all"? Am I being a dick if some kid wants to argue with me about how an EEC-IV system grounds...or whether a stock cam makes more power retarded a bit (for turbos)? Some things, I do know a lot about...and some things I don't. I'm just not willing to give ground on stuff I know not to be true.

  12. :rlaugh:

    I can't stop laughing at this.

    Just because some "local top gun" has a fast car that tons of money was pumped into to make it fast, doesn't automatically mean they're smart. It sometimes means they had a bunch of work done for them from a shop and they're just a driver. (fast and the furious comes to mind. lol)

    I've had a person with an 8 second car tell me how to hook up a ford distributor to an MSD. It was completely 100% wrong. But since I don't run that fast, he wouldn't listen to a word I had to say.

    So, what most people would do in that situation would be:
    Tell him he's an ass, give him the finger, tell him to F off, and/or blacken his eye.

    Anyone can go take out a 50,000 dollar loan and have a fast car made for them.

    Knowledge of the complete vehicle and how to make it fast themselves is a whole nother aspect.
  13. Damn this is funny, me defending Joe :rlaugh:

    Anyways, I'm sure Joe has built a car or two before. I've read several post by Joe over the years and he know his stuff. I do agree he comes off as a "know it all" even on non car related things :p But I've never heard him give anyone bad car information.
  14. In most cases, the more you know, the more of an "internet a s shole" you "appear" to be...probably because you don't talk "fluff" so what you say comes off in the wrong manner even though all it's really just "to the point".

    (Not that I'm comparing myself to Joe, but) I've been called a jerk, *******, stuck up, "know it all" etc. by many people on here...I've never once, in all my life, been told that in real life though...funny how that works... :rolleyes:

    Oh, and I met Joe a few years ago...I've got to admit I was a bit "star struck" at first because he was the first guy I ever heard about when I started looking into 2.3T's about 10 years ago...soon after meeting him though, he was giving me advice on how to not lift my ring lands again, showing me that his electric door locks and stereo still worked in his 8 second ride, and letting me help him push the car into the staging lanes...seems like a cool enough guy to me :spot:
  15. :rlaugh:
    I don't even like pushing my car but the lines are usually too long to just idle for 30 minutes.
  16. That's because you're a fool. That's what fools do.

    I didn't take out any loans to build my car, I busted my ass for several years campaigning the Pinto wherever I could and my hard work and consistency got me a very minor league hookup through Ford (body) and K&N (part of the construction money).

    I stripped the car myself, worked at Danny's shop every day on it, sometimes until sunrise, while I was working full time, and spent my "spare" time over at NRC riding his ass to make the rearend housing.

    Every part that is on that car was bolted or riveted by me, 50% or the tinwork was done by me, 100% of the electrical, ECU work and tuning is me and only me. Kasey at Esslinger did some of the initial measuring on the motor (mains are tricky), but I assemble and maintain the motors to MY specs. I've had 150+ runs without ANY engine-related failures.

    EDIT: Oh yeah...original wagon motor...one of the old Pinto motors with an off-the-shelf ARCA and cam (2232.5), built and tuned 100% by me. Went 9.00 at 151(faster than that, actually, I tripped the tree and sat there) with a stock block and crank. I designed the intake, the current header (try aguing with a 25 year header guy about tube sizes) and the layout of all the IC and turbo plumbing for both.

    Dan Esslinger gave me many great suggestions for the fuel system. I could not have done it without his help. That guy is a straight-up genius.

    I bought a trans, but I tear it down and maintain it. My tranny guy kicks ass and I pay attention very well. Find another 1000+ horse C4 that lives for 15+ runs. I found all the measurements and figured all the adapter stuff for the SBF tranny parts. There's not one single part on that car (or the Pinto) that I haven't built, rebuilt or torn down. It's all me baby.

    You don't know dick compared to me or 100 other people I know. You're just a loudmouth Internet wannabee who only gets people to listen to him by virtue of post count and talking trash.

    Shouldn't you be welding on a Volvo head right about now? I'm waiting for you to come and whoop the wagon.
  17. Nooo, That's what any red blooded American does when they read about an ego tripping driver of a sponsered car.

    [monstergaragevoice on]FREEEE BEEEEEE!!!!! [monstergaragevoice off]

    WOW!!! I bet your the only person in the world who has worked on their own car till early in the morning! :rolleyes:

    :lol: yep, my assumptions were accurate.

    Gee, let me think about how that stacks up to me.
    100% of the body work including fabbing the glass doors to the body, and glass front end was done by me.
    100% of the electrical work was done by me.
    100% of the tuning was done by me.
    100% of the motor work was done by me.
    This holds true for all my cars. Every part of the car except for machining the block on my 357 blower car is always done by me.

    Plugging Asstinker again.
    Making a custom intake?!?! ARE YOU MAD?!?! That takes welding of aluminum!!! OMG! You should've bought it from Stinklinger.
    IC plumbing? Holy Molie!!! You ARE a pro.

    Yea, fuel systems are really hard. They consist of so many parts, I can't remember them all.

    Gee, a 1000 hp C4. Let's see, there's only about a million of them. I can't even post that many links here. lol.
    You've torn down a trans before?!?! WOW! That is simply amazing.
    I've worked on a trans that's currently in a 72 Chevelle running 8.20's @ 159. It's got over 100 passes on it. Gee, does that mean you have to listen to me now and do what I say? Sounds like Dungeons and Dragons BS. {my th400 has 15 elf points over yours} :rlaugh:

    Your absolutly right Joe, You know dick a bunch more than anyone around here. I personaly don't go that route. I'd rather build my own car.

    I don't care to build my car the way you have.
    I take pride in MY work and do it myself.
    But if your interested, there's plenty of people that can smoke your car who would love to shut you up.
    Your not the fastest car in the world here bud. But you sure like to think so huh?

    So, in closing:
    Never use a plastic spatula when grilling on the BBQ.
    Never flip the burgers toward the side of the grill, they're bound to fall off.
    You CAN use the cheap paper plates, as long as you tripple them up for strength.
    Garlic salt is the key to a great burger.
    remember: it's all in the shape of the patty.
  18. Mike, until you have actually done some of the things you ae "bagging" on, you don't have solid ground to stand on. Seriously. I'm not calling you stupid, just that you don't really know more about some of this stuff than most of us (me included) do.

    Do you have any idea what sponsorship really means? How about level of sponsorship? Have you had a C4 or been involved with one that put up with 1000+ hp over multiple runs with no problems? Do you have any idea how much between round rebuilding is done in a log of the guys pits? Heck, JDB wnet through several C4's from the big name C4 guys and had problems with them all. Of course it just had to be all his fault.

    Whne you read about stuff, all you hear about is how great a certain combo is working, what they often times forget to metion is there combo is great, but only for a limited number of runs.

    Not trying to jump on you, I just keep seeing assumptions being made that almost EVERYONE makes.

    Try some worcestershire sauce in your burgers. I prefer Lee & Perrins, but I'm kinda of a snob when it comes to sauces and vodka. :)
  19. Mike, By Joe's thinking:
    You don't have a car that runs as fast as either of my cars. So given that pearl of wisdom, that would mean I know more about cars than you.

    See how that sounds? (even though your car is slower) :p

    I've tried worstarcheireeierrrr saws befowa, it makes muh burgerz falls apart.
  20. Yep. I feel your pain. I can gaurantee not one person who has been to my house would eve guess that ANYONE thinks I'm an a$$. I get plenty of email an PM's suggesting otherwise though. :) There might have been a few people in my life somewhere who thought I was an a$$ in person, but I'd bet there was a good reason. Like when the body shop left my old Capri sitting outside overnight with the hatch off, with subs,amps,crossovers, exposed. Guess what, it RAINED very hard. Luckily the shop was on my way home from the gf's house. I saw it like that at around 1 or 2, it had been raining for hours. Guess who got a call when I got home. :) That was the summer I graduated high school, working for my dad for the summer, so the guy got a call from my dad as well. :) I know plenty of people think he is an a$$ from time to time, he's not though. Always the one to pick up a check/tip, etc...