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  1. Do you put you burgers in the fridge for a few minutes after you make the patty's? I find that helps. THough last night all we had was course ground burger, so it was a **** to get them to stay together. I don't like to "over work" the meat. LOL

    Right now my car is REAL slow. No motor, half a harness, rear about to come out. :) I did pull the pan off the old motor last night though and found everything is studded and a windage tray. Press fit crowers on TRW's. Had ARP bolts on the flywheel. It's all ballanced. The flywheel had been lightened in a lathe. Yikes. To bad the original owner killed the rings, I think anyway. Never did do a compression check, it was coming out eitherway.
  2. I'm sure your car will come together soon, and run extremely well.
    Both you and I have studied enough on motors and combos to make an 8 second ride. (although we probably couldn't afford it :( )
    But do we sit around and talk down to people slower than us when they want to weld two or three turbocoupe intercoolers together to make a larger one? Hell no.
    It's easy, it can be done, and it will work fine.

    After hours and hours of feeling up this volvo head, it's clear to me that it's completly doable.
    If John Force came up to me and told me it wouldn't work, I'd say he's stoned right to his face.
    Does HE have one? no. Has HE tried it? no. So he can't talk.

    Putting burgers in the fridge before you cook em? Hmm. That's an idea, but I'd like to suggest bread crumbs in the meat first along with a little egg. That will stick anything together!
  3. Yep everyone talks about doing it...nobody does it. Ask PA about them...LOL...see if they'll pay the frieght (NO)...they're like Paul Bunyan. Everyone talks about them, but nobody has actually seen one in person. Glides...that world is populated by Glides...but then, you've never been to that world.

    And you have no earthly idea what it takes to keep a 1000+ horse turbo four banger alive. Hell, most of the fuel system companies don't know how to do it...trust me spanky...BTDT. I've spent LOTS of money learning that one.

    Keep talking...the more you do it, the more you look like a tool. "I've studied enough to build an 8-second car..." :rlaugh: :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    You've consistently acted like a tool since I've "known" you...bragging about what you "could" do, what you "would" do and talking trash about the people who have actually have done stuff.

    Kids...everything is just a keystroke away on the internet and if I only had the money...jackoff...I've never had the money...but somehow I get the job done.

    Maybe it's because I just put my head down and do it instead of whining about other people.
  4. I CAN talk about the Volvo deal...it's not a mechanically sound idea. It doesn't fit. There are better swaps (the rest of the motor for one...).

    Like I said before, I don't have to put my hand in a blender to know it will hurt.

    Unlike you, I have experience with building high-performance 4-cylinder engines. I know that mis-matched bores, headbolts and structurally modified (or heavily repaired) heads are no good for longevity.

    You know...what you read on the Internet. :rolleyes:

  5. Oh crap, I sure as hell don't want to be a tool, cause then ole Joe would LOVE me. Your all over esswanker for that one. :rolleyes:

    "..put your head down and do it..."
    I won't comment on that one... :rlaugh:
    But I do have to say, ANYONE with a sponser can do it.

    and by the way Joe, Do you own a volvo 16v head?
    Have YOU attempted the swap?

    if not, you can't say a word about it.

    how do you like your burgers?

  6. LOL, now the HEADBOLTS don't line up either?
    WOW! I'm glad you told me that, cause I had them fitting perfect without any work. I must've done it wrong.
  7. I've seen aluminum heads that were repaired and put back onto 1,000+ HP cars. Where's the problem?
    If I had a cracked Essfinger head would they tell me to buy a new one?
    Maybe your just scared of aluminum welding?
    It's not like someone is trying to weld an aluminum rod back together here,
    It's just a cover for the rear water passage. Where's the high pressure that's gona break it off?
  8. So how long before you have the volvo headed 2.3 running Mike? I love the idea, and the effort and work you are putting into it is incredible, but the big question... is it worth it. We know it will flow well, but will the valves stand up to the heat and the headgasket seal up well.
  9. Great...good for you. A little bit of welding isn't too bad. A lot of welding is very bad. It anneals the metal...undoes the heat-treat, distorts the casting and will loosen the seats and guides. If you try and re-heat treat it, you have to re-machine the head from scratch, because it will become a pretzel.

    No welding is preferable, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes to "save" a part or get to the track. The thing is...you don't gotta weld on the Volvo if you bolt it to the right block. Just do it right and you don't have the problem.

    Never seen a cracked Esslinger head...seen a bunch destroyed by mechanical stuff, seen a couple slotted...never seen one cracked. They won't do extensive welding...and when they do welding at all, they send it out to a certified shop.
  10. Yep, we're all waiting...
  11. That rather goes without saying...
  12. I'm painting my car first and getting back to the track.
    Is it worth it? Depends on what your looking for and how much cake you have to lay down.
    on one side:
    You could go to Esswiper, buy a three thousand five hundred dollar head, have a custom exhaust manifold made for you for who knows how much, and a custom intake manifold made for you for another small fortune.

    One the other side:
    You can buy a hundred dollar head, throw some SS valves in it with springs, machine the back, weld the aluminum up, make intake and exhaust manifolds.

    If you have 5 grand to throw down, the Assmaster head is the way to go. But if you have 1 gram of skill in your body, you can make the volva head work.

    So, we'll see. I'm damn sure not gona say it isn't a good project to do. Like some people. :rolleyes:

    O ring the block and I doubt that there will be any head gasket failures.

  13. C'mon Joe! Here's your big chance to tell everyone why you can't weld a piece of aluminum to the back of an aluminum head to cover a water port.
    Please. I gota know why this can't work.

    oh, I forgot, you really don't care if it does or doesn't. You'd just be happier if people bought the Esslicker head right?

    oh,,, my,,,,,, god. :rolleyes:
  14. Yeah...I was sponsored like Mark Martin...LOL...good one...yeah, having to build a new shell helped me go faster :rolleyes:...getting a fifth of what it costs to build the car (not to mention race it) was a bit of a help initially...but like all wannabees, you don't really "get" how the world really works.

    What's stopping a gifted guy like you from doing what I did? It's certainly not ability or money...you apparently have more of each than I do? :rolleyes:

    Oh yeah....it's because you can't convince anyone not on a web board that you know your ass from hole in the ground.

  15. For some reason, I know what type of fuel system it takes to keep a 2500 hp turbo'd big block alive, but a 1000 hp 4 cylinder? Gee, I really don't know. I think they work off of kph instead of psi. Or is it liters?
    Wow, your right. Your BS:realworld conversion is very hard to grasp.

    Let's just settle with:
    Since you have a fast car that's sponsored with FREEEBEEES, I'll just chalk that down to "You knowing everything about how to swap a volvo head onto a 2.3 block."

    Sound fair?
  16. See Joe, it's a simple concept. My car is a Street car. It runs on the Street. It has a tag and drives on the highway. It's not some 1/4 mile only car that was built with other people's time and money using bolt on parts. I have no goal to turn it into a methanol burning 1/4 mile queen.
    What was the fastest your pinto went street legal?
    Wouldn't Joe McCool's turbo 2.3 convertable mustang's time beat that? And that was with NO spray.
    Maybe he should've gotten your sponsors.

    "Oh gosh! I made a pinto fast on a 150 shot of nitrous!!!11!"
  17. Now Joe, Here's your second big chance!
    Instead of ragging on my car, that beat your non-nitrous'd time, How about you tell everyone why a piece of aluminum can't be welded to the back of an aluminum head.
    Please. Please.

    Does aluminum not stick to aluminum when TIG welded?
    The suspense is killing me......
  18. I already made a fairly detailed post regarding that...you may want to read it.
  19. The Pinto went 10.70's in street trim and I drove it all the way across the country and back on the Power Tour and ran 10.90 along the way in St. Louis.

    Me = "doer"
    You = "talker"

    Sooooo...what's stopping you from making a fast car? It can't be talent, brains or money...
  20. Here's the post you missed on the welding deal...now you can be an "expert" on welding heads, too. :rolleyes:


    I'd be "happier" if you'd stop telling everyone how easy the swap is when you haven't managed to do it yourself in the last several years and the one guy who managed to get one started blew it up right off the bat.

    I'd be happier if you stopped making :bs: comparisons that don't hold water.

    Saying that the Volvo head will make as much power as an Esslinger ARCA is laughable on its face. With all the guys all over the world wrenching on those..you have one guy making 700 or so...woopee...scour the whole friggin' world and that's what you got? Just imagine, a dumbass like me can make 200-300 more with a lil-ol skinny valvecover and only one cam.

    You sound just like that stroke JD, only without the CAPS lock.

    Build whatever you want, but tell the truth about it when you do and don't keep blowing smoke up everyone's butt about it.