Yo "Mr.Woodster"...

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  1. I grind the meat up and mix it with cheese before I put it on a toasted bun. Kinda like a texas cheese steak.
    Nobody who hasn't tried can say that a particular swap won't 'work'. But I have to agree with the concept that Heavy modification=short lifespan. If you don't mind the thought of loosing your head a time or two, I say go for it 100%. But I just wouldn't expect the kind of reliability these motors are known for in thier stock form...
  2. Oh, Joe, I read it. It's just sadly wrong. A seat will fall out if you weld your head? Come on. I've seen damaged heads that had to have the entire combustion chamber welded back up from dropping a valve. "the seat will fall out" lol. No Kidding? Ever heard of putting it back in and fixing it? lol
    Besides! Where do you have to weld ANYTHING to the combustion chamber? lol

    I'd be happier if you took a pin to that inflated head of yours and popped it. Must be from the years of people stroking your Ekock that did it.

    I'm not responsable for anyone else's engine or their machining.
    I haven't said one thing here that's not true.
    Let's go over it again shall we?
    The welding is simple
    The bolt holes line up
    It can be made to work fine if you do the work.

    Joe, read this clearly.
    I am not out to make 900 hp with a 2.3. My goal is to have 550 rwhp and that's it. I WILL NOT buy a Esslicker head no matter what you say for 4 thousand dollars. YOU need to learn what the process of the swap is before you talk your :bs: about it. I highly doubt that anyone cares that you have a sponsored ride with freebees, outsourced work, and hundreds of free dyno hours.

    And that's what you do best on the internet. You rag on people because they don't agree with you. Are you going to type about how fast JD's car is and how much smarter you are than him now? Geeze dude, get over yourself.

    I have not said it's for everyone nor have I told everyone to run out and buy one to make the swap. I have tried to be as honest as possible here.

    Me: Have documented everything I've done to my car and shown others exactly how to do it, the whole time keeping my car on the road and logging tens of thousands of miles driving all over the state. "doer"
    You: Have told countless others how dumb they are because they don't do it your way, and have ALWAYS brought your ET into the scenario to prove your right from subjects your clearly wrong. "talker"

    Do whatever you like there Joe. You can't tell me welding a piece of aluminum to a waterjacket is going to drop my valve seats out. The bores are fine. The head bolts line up.

    Your just slingin BS just to inflate that big ole head some more.

    I think Joe uses those pre-made burgers.
  3. That's a fair assessment I'd say.

    I never said it wouldn't "work", I said you could get the "benefits" of the Volvo head (satisfy overwhelming need for wide valvecover) with better reliability by a more efficient means.
  4. Oh yeah..."Just slap a $1.25 piece of aluminum on a junkyard head and run like an ARCA" :rolleyes:

    How long can that take? Shouldn't you be in the garage "slapping it" right now?

    Oh wait :eek: ...you *are* "slapping it" right now... :rlaugh:
  5. Yea Joe. Follow along here. That's the plan.

    Let's see, the paint should be done by mid May. Then I get to drive my car again. All the while, I'm building another car. This is all done by me. Not friends, not sponsors, not Essfinger.

    "slapping it"?? Joejoe, I'd rather be slapping it myself than "Riding Esshumpers butt" like you have to get where you are.

    Come to think of it, I believe Joe is more of a Tofu kinda guy. :rolleyes:
  6. Pardon me, This thread is about yelling at me (title: hey "mr woodster"), can we please get back to yelling at me?

    Seriously, i have respect for you guys (mike/joe) I was informed of the 2.3T by catching Joe's article "poisonious pinto" in MMFF and further inspired by reading through Mikes's junkyard buildup.
    Agree to disagree...you have two differnt mindsets on how things work, accept it and move on, we're all adults here.

    Ps: i like my burgers from In-n-out, friends cook'em just the way i like'em :)
  7. Yep, #1, no onions, catsup and mustard instead. Yum. :)

  8. Don't forget the Dr. Pepper with extra ice. :)
  9. Why do you think I can get people to help me with stuff here and there? :shrug: Just what do you think it is? I've been a RETAIL customer of Esslinger's since they were operating out of their house...now I get a 10% discount on some stuff...wowie...their stuff is worth the money if you want to go fast, period. Nobody said you had to or should buy a single thing from them...but the bottom line is that I'm making more (reliable) power with a bunch of their stuff (most of it off-the-shelf) than anyone else you can point to anywhere. You can talk all the smack you want, but you can't dispute the fact that their stuff kicks ass.

    Yeah-yeah...you could go just as fast...blah-blah-blah...you wouldn't have a clue if it hit you square on the head. That's your biggest problem...you think you know 100X what you actually do...and you wouldn't even know that without people like me to "light the way" for you.
  10. Hmmmmmm... :D

    Gotta get back on topic...burgers and talking trash to Woodster...:)
  11. Speaking of burgers...just had me a doubledouble , spreadonly and a nice pink-lemonaide. In-n-out , my second home :)
  12. I try to explain IN-n-OUT to people who don't live here...but they never really seem to get it..."Yeah, we have "blah-blah" Burgers here."

    It's just not the same. :nonono:

    They peel and cut the potatos right there in front of you...:D Big buckets of future french fries...not frozen, not pressed, never in a bag...yummmm...I think I'm going over there right now...LOL
  13. We have a place like that here, but it's not a chain. Well, it's a mini chain. I think there are 4 around town. The burgers at this particular place aren't as good as In-n-Out I'd bet. I can't even remember the name of the place. I think I was just expecting to much.

    It's more of a diner who specializes in burgers. Complete with home made pie and french fries. They have good burgers, but not as good as I was expecting the way some people (mostly old folks) around here talk about it.
  14. Ya, I learned about 2.3Ts from Mike and he refered me to TurboFord where I learned of Joe, etc. It's kind of a screwed up deal we you see'em go at it.
  15. The way I see it, I would not be offended if Stinger or MikeSVOR came over to me and said "Hey you can pick up a few extra HP if you do this like this"

    I would be pissed off if I had Gio Momma come over and say "Who's the dumb*** who set this up? You cant run that like that, I know because my 1000hp 2.3L surrogate penis is larger than yours"

    Its not that Gio Momma does not know what hes talking about, its the way he comes across.

    He may be the nicest person in the world face to face but all we have to go on in the forums is how he acts and replies.

    Grandma used to say "You can win more flies with honey than you can with vinegar".

    All I know is that if Gio talked to me in person the way he has talked to some on this forum I'd knock him on his ass. Absolutely no one likes to be talked down to by anyone regardless of the situation.

    I also find it tasteless and in poor class to make reference to people who have cars which are works in progress. Maybe if we all had sponsorships then we could all afford to finish our cars in a timely manner.
  16. :drool: Whatever...

    Maybe I'm just getting old, but I refuse to just let junk info go by unchallenged. Feel free to claim that gravity does not apply to your neighborhood, but I'm not going to just sit here and not call :bs: on you.

    Too much of the time on the Internet, the word of guy with the most amount of free time on his hands...with the least direct knowledge of the relevant facts...is taken as "fact", when it's exactly the opposite. Then the noobs do a Google search a month from now and it all becomes "truth".

    Some things are not up for debate. If you want to give bogus advice to people, go ahead...but don't expect me to just smile and let it go if I see it.

    Maybe because I've actually done more crazy stuff than 99.865409% of turbo ford guys...I actually know a little more. The thing is that I'm more than willing to acknowledge the stuff I don't know...and I take advice from people who know more than I do. I wouldn't even consider telling my friend Nate (chassis guy) how to TIG-weld based on some crap I read on the web. I might ask him about it and if he had a reasonable explanation that squares with reality, then what the hell...he knows WAY more than me about that stuff.

    On the web, it seems that reality is subjective..."up" really isn't necessarily "up", because I read that some guy in Michigan says it's really "down". Nevermind that he's a loser who never gets out and hasn't seen daylight in a week...hey, it's the web... :banana:

    If you think you want to kick my ass, here's where you can find me:

    Joe Morgan
    2063 Wren Avenue
    Corona, CA 92879

    Oh yeah...blah...blah...sponsorship...blah...blah...I'd most likely be going as fast or faster in the Pinto than I've already gone in the wagon. Rest assured, there's no such thing as a "free" part and I've "paid" for any parts I've gotten many times over in terms of (MY)time, (MY)money and (MY) effort. People don't give anything away...and it's most often cheaper and easier to just buy what you need and not have to jump through the hoops necessary to get what you need.

    Besides, there ain't no such thing as "sponsorship" for race parts. I can get all the carbon fiber hoods or bling-bling headlights I want, but try calling Barnes to get a "free" drysump pump and see how far you get.

    Further...if you think I'm fast or I've won races or whatever... *because* I've gotten some "free" stuff...how do you suppose I got the "free" stuff in the first place?

  17. :rlaugh:
    Those are some pretty tough words there Joe.
    You sure you wana make a call-out like that?

    I've learned over the years that doing that over the web won't get you anything but trouble.

    How do you know that the person you're insulting over the internet isn't 6'5" tall and 255 lbs? ;)

    You should learn to calm down and let people do what they believe is right.
    Your starting to sound like a communist.

  18. Who's the "communist"?

    I'm the one who's taken the chances, done the R&D and gotten the results? You're the one who wants to stifle the debate, not me...in my estimation that makes me the free-market entrepreneur and you the fascist. :D

    You do what you want...I'll keep calling :bs: on you when you say dumb things. I thought that was a free speech/liberty thing?

    As for the "callout"...who's doing the callout? I'm not the one hiding behind a screen name and making threats. I put my stuff on the line ALL THE TIME...if he wants to come and beat me up, he has my name and address.

    And besides, I could really give a sheet how big or fat you are...it's not like anyone with a high two-digit IQ can't outsmart a gorilla...and they're even bigger than you are.
  19. Welcome to the Joe Morgan Show!
    Are you serious? What chances have you taken? What results have you received? Volvo head? Blow through VAM? Intercoolers?
    You haven't done SQUAT! You went to the nearest store and bought everything you have now.
    Now you want to tell people to do it your way or you'll argue with them and call them names? Joe, your a joke.
    No, Your a Side Show Attraction.
    "And in the left lane, Joe Morgan, racing himself, again........"

  20. Well...for one, I'm making more power than ANYONE, ANYWHERE with a 2.3...I'd say that's a decent "result". Oh, and it lives just fine for hundreds of passes. Made 800 horsepower with a stock block and crank 2.3...raced it for a year, (got 2nd in the NIRA points for Outlaw in 2001 with it).

    Lesse...oh yeah...DROVE my mid-10 second car across the country (LA to Nashville, via STL) and back...actually running 10's (and doing a little street racing in Tulsa) along the way.

    I've put tens of thousands of dollars and countless thousands of hours into making it all happen and I actually share how I do it.

    Hmmm...let's see...what has Mike done...get plastered and talk trash on the internet...assemble a stock car and get it to run about as fast as a stock car should...get plastered again and talk more trash...go to quickee mart and buy more beer...talk more trash about how fast his car is GONNA be when he welds up his Volvo head...

    How'd you like the hemi? Bet you coulda done that too, huh?

    Come on out and I'll take you for a ride...LOL :D See...the difference between you and me is...I "DO"...you "TALK".