Yo "Mr.Woodster"...

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  1. Tube chassis/fiberglass deal that weighs 600-700 pounds less than my all-steel, all-glass, full unibody (back-halved) station wagon with power windows, power locks, keyless entry, full interior, full lights, turn signals.

    Mine goes nearly as fast as his does at a much heavier weight...and it lives. I've had the same motor parts (crank, pistons, rods, head, block, sleeves, mains and even rod bearings in one of them) in it for 2.5 years without any breakage or failures.

    I still haven't cranked it up yet...got another 10-15 pounds to go. :D

    So...yeah...you're wrong.
  2. Congrats! Your number 2!!! :nice:

    so you DON'T make the most power OR run the quickest time.

    Thought so.....

  3. Do you understand that with less weight you go faster with less power?

    Besides, with all of the money they spent, they SHOULD be WAY faster, but they aren't.
  4. Where is this website?
    Why isn't it in your profile?

    I sound like an awesome dude!
    I gota hang with me sometime.

    Me > :cheers: < Me
  5. Dude, Mike, Joe, come on guy's. You both seem to be very intelligent. You both seem respectable. And it's obvious that if you REALLY didn't care what each other think, you wouldn't be arguing. You both actually had a point at one time, but now you're just bickering. Sponsership isn't the dream boat you think it is Mike. He really isn't getting handed everything on a silver platter. And if it where THAT easy to have 1000HP and be winning dragsters, I'd already be there to. Joe, me an you have disagreed in the past. You really do come across as a "smart ass" or a "know it all" but hey, that's how I am in real life. Most people say you only do that online. I say, if you're right, who cares if the truth hurts. If you guys don't want to listen to what Joe has to say, DONT! You can just close the thread! It's easy! But come on, he has as much right to come on here and voice his opinion as the rest of you. NOONE hesitates to tell me I'm wrong, so, you guy's just all get along, okay? This isn't elementary school. Where all adults here.
  6. alls you dumb peoples here are wrong. I gots me a 455 BB with 800hp without cheatin' with NOS or blowers. If I puts as much work inta that 455 as you have that damn 4banger ricer import, I'd have 3000hp by now. Like mah momma always said, there's no replacement fo' displacment.

  7. :nice: :p

    Some things, I do know a lot about...and some things I don't. I'm just not willing to give ground on stuff I know not to be true.
  8. Oh yeah...like "grounding injectors" or burning up the bigger of two cables...or computers switching the positive side of outputs...

    Give me a break...you "know" very little to be true or false. You read BS on the Internet and pass it along without knowing the difference. That's not "knowing" anything.
  9. Yeah, you're a regular Jonas Salk...aren't you? Party on Garth...
  10. Yup...that's why I'm packin' an extra 30 inches. :D
  11. Are you acting like a know-it-all...if in fact you do "know it all"? There are a few things, 2.3 and wiring related, that I do know a great deal about...and there are a few "web-only" guys who get really butt-hurt by the fact that someone actually disagrees with their alternate reality. You can try and be as friendly as you want, but at the bottom line...it's not what I say or how I say it that cheeses these guys off, it's the fact that I'm standing there saying and showing that they're wrong...then it gets ugly. :fuss: :fuss: :fuss: :fuss: You can't smile or be nice enough to make people feel "OK" when they get their manhoods wrapped up in the advice they give. I try as best I can, but as someone famous once said..."Facts are stubborn things."
  12. Ok this thread settles it, the SVO is getting the 460 I have laying around......

    Ok back to my Prius/2.3t hybrid swap.

  13. I can see it now...burning rubber and sparks flying at the same time... :D :jester:
  14. you guys sound like two little kids on the playground kicking sand at each other and screaming.

    If i had a bottomless cash supply and friends at big time race parts company's, I could build a model T that would run 7secconds in the 1/4 but i dont. You say you own this super car that makes all this HP but dosen't wear out a longblock for 2.5 years? How many passes did u make 6? Take your ugly ass car, shut up and go play with all the other paid drivers. Leave the garage guys and the bench racers alone.
  15. Yeah, yeah...if I only had a bunch of money...yeah, like I've ever had any money...LOL...I did the Pinto while I was in school (the one that ran 10's) and the wagon while I was a first-year teacher...yeah I'm a regular "baller" ain't I? Sold my lil'ol Ranger (was in Hot Rod, too) to buy a used trailer. I'm just ROLLIN'...LOL

    BTW -- One engine has over 100 passes on it, the other has 40+ right now. They don't wear very much if they're tuned right. The valvejobs need to be freshened up every 20-30 passes or so, but you don't have to replace anything. As long as I keep the oil level up, the rod bearings stay like new.

    So...maybe you and MikeR should team up and go racing since you both have such mad skilz. God knows I'm just a dumbass that don't know nuthin'...you guys should be able to just kick my ass without even trying.

    What's stoppin' you? It can't be the mad skilz or money, because I haven't got either of them, right? Oh yeah...it must be the "free" spark plug wires...LOL

    You guys might actually be able to accomplish something yourselves if you just got to work. I could sit here and whine about all the stuff that some other guys have...but I'm faster than most of them and I don't have squat, except for some experience and a willingness to work stupid hours for several years on cars that nobody else gives a crap about.

    Ahhh screw it...it's easier to whine about the other guy than actually go out and DO something. :drool:

  16. Please get a clue before you open you kock holster again,

  17. Is that the same as a "willy" holster? :D