yo roofstrype....this is for you bro.

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  1. ddoooooooooodddd.....

    the mods are gonna smack your peepee for posting that!

  2. :shrug: What'd I do?
  3. ok ok...no peepee smackin. what ever would i do if i got banned from stangnet. oh no, the thought makes my heard hurt.
  4. lmao :lol:

    He has no loyalty whatsoever :nonono:
  5. loyalty? whats that? lol
  6. i thought stangnet allready banned all the non stangnet loving arseholes........ummmmm guess not

  7. if i didnt like it, i wouldnt be here. numbnutz
  8. REALLY, man that didnt even cross my mind:rolleyes: