1. Whuts up guys, Im new to this place, but it seems dope, so I wanted to say howdy. Im kind of new to cars, but my dad is giving me a '65 Stang, so I figure I should join a site like this and get the inside scoop.
  2. For a forum with so many peeps, there sure isnt a lot of posts.
  3. Welcome aboard dude

    Posting picks up bigtime in the evenings and weekends. Also seems a little bit seasonal, spring and summer being busy on here.
  4. Ah, I see. Thanks for the tip, bro. I see your 65 looks kinda like the one Im getting.
  5. It never dawned on me how much people notice

    these cars, till I was driving mine home, and people were honking and waving, all kinds of stuff. Its an experience just pumping gas driving one of these old cars. Learn all you can as quick as you can, cause the questions are endless when your just riding around.

    It is kinda cool though.
  6. i know wat you mean man good ol 100% america made mustang heavy duty horsepower raw pedal to the metal hardcore mustang car. :flag:
  7. Like whut do they ask? Whuts under the hood? Or how fast it goes? Im sure some classic car fans will probably ask me stuff I dont know, so I dont even know whut to learn about first.
  8. Just get your hands dirty whenever ya can.

    Do stuff that dont cost anything if thats all you can do, chase down rattles, little things that bug you, try and fix them. Best way to learn about your car is to get corned trying to fix something, and have to ask for help....

    Then people will bring up things that NEVER even crossed your mind, trust me. Just work on your car, and ask questions, lots of people on this site are willing to help.

    I personally would never have attempted to restore my car without these guys on stangnets help. I never would have bought it either with my limited knowledge of cars in general.
  9. Welcome!!

    don't take this wrong, but, spelling dude....spelling.....:rolleyes:

  10. I know!!! even with just a coupe like mine, people are always staring when i pull up to the pump !
  11. haha yah; I love that feeling, people starring, giving the thumbs up. I always get asked on the streets what's under the hood, even tho I still have the 289 emblems on the side (i have a 289) I also get asked if the car is all stock, (cause i still have the dog dishes) which it generally is, not the wiring harness tho.
    Welcome to stangnet!
    My advice, once the car is done don't be afraid of it, drive it around, enjoy it, don't just garage it.
  12. Oh, because I guess it was in a garage a lot. Its all original from whut my dad told me, and runs great.
  13. Hey welcome to the club man! Don't forget to post lots of pics....that is mandatory hahaha.

    Just wait till you get it, you'll see. I used to have a 65 coupe a few years ago and got a thumbs up at least once a day, compliments all the time. Nowww I just got this fastback and I took it to the gas station the other night.

    Mannn I got mobbed! the cashier came out, about 8 different people came over and had a lot of nice things to chit chat about. It was pretty cool.