yoke/universial pics....is this right?

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  1. That ain't right. The bearing cap should be out against the clip.

  2. exactly, you have the wrong u-joint bro

  3. ok, help me find the right set-up

    yokeu-joint is from a 89 mustang with an aod, what universial do i need?
  4. Does the U-joint fit flush in the driveshaft?

    I ask because if it is too small for the DS and the yoke, you'll need a different size I guess, but if it fits properly in the DS, and not in the yoke, you'll need a different yoke, or change the DS.
  5. don't even bother with trying to go by application. Take some measurements with a dial caliper and note style/location of the lock rings. Then go to a knowledgeable parts store and match it up with the measurements in the back of their u-joint book.
  6. From the previous thread...
    FYI also...
    Some AOD/E's and all the 4R70Ws also have larger diameter output shaft bushings & larger diameter yokes. All models have the same 28 spline output shaft profile, so small bushing tail shaft housings can be swapped on from any model, including from an AOD. This is also the same as C-4 transmissions which makes swaps easy.

  7. Not me. HE!!!
  8. Don't bother replacing a yoke or DS if they arn't the same width. They make adapter U-joints just for this reason. Very common in 4x4 applications.
  9. That picture scares me! I agree that the joint should have come apart, you are fortunate. When I switched from a FMX to AOD, I broke down and purchased a yoke from National parts that accepted my stock u-joint :nice:

  10. i agree, it maybe should have came apart, i'm lucky. well, its at the driveline shop getting balanced and hes gonna put on Spicer u-joints so i can toss the napa brand u-joints.

    all i've read on the aod swap, i never remember reading about the front yoke being special, just a typical aod yoke and joints, it it was a surprise when i found that i needed something special. anyway just more info for my swap page on my site i guess.
  11. all better now, new spicer u-joints and completely balanced, $150 later. thanks to san diego drive line.


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  12. Sweet, give us a report on how it drives.