Yokohama S-drive

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  1. Anyone tried these tires...... My BFG g-sports are down to the last
    sixteenth of an inch of tread and I want to try something different.
  2. Ive had the avs es100s for 3 summers now, which i love, but im looking at the sdrives for replacements this summer. From the reviews i have read on they seem to be a better tire and they are basically the same price. they were supposed to be the replacement for the es100s but they seem to still be selling those too. I figured id chime in with this info since no one has responded yet, even though I have no first hand experience.
  3. THEY ROCK :rock: GET EM...................................than tell me how you like them since I have no first or second hand experience wit dem :D

    oh yeah, :bump:
  4. Yeah it looks like I may be the test Guinee Pig for these tires since no one has tried them. What do you guys think about the tread pattern, or looks?
    I know a dealer who can get these at $122. each , compared to $160 at Discount
    Tire. They are supposed to be really quiet and smooth.