yone ever painted or powdercoated their draglite wheels?

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  1. Just curious, Im leaning towards black draglites. What do you think?

    btw its supposed to anyone* sorry...
  2. i personally dont like black draglites, I saw a older rx7 at the track once that was teal and the draglites were painted to match, and i didnt think it looked bad, but i think blacks pretty terrible with draglites
  3. Don't you have black Billet Specialties on your car? Also, while we're talking about your car, did you ever get that crash damage fixed?
  4. yea i love black wheels and all, espically the street lites in black, but for some reason i think the draglites look 10x better polished. I'm wierd when it comes to wheels tho, like the wheels on my car do absolutly nothing for me polished but i love them black, and im the exact opposite with draglites.

    My car is being painted right now, im redoing the whole car and when the bodyman came and looked at it he noticed whoever painted the car before i got it put a drivers quarter on it, and they did a pretty bad job, so they are fixing that and doing a few other things, and i have a smoothed extention going on the bumper also, its gonna look good, just waiting right now sucks but it will be worth it. The car is in good hands
  5. You better post pics... Or else...!
  6. i may actually bring back the progress thread if im not too lazy, alot has changed, i put 4.30's in the car, faceplated the transmission, narrowed the rear a little bit, threw some titanium retainers on the valvesprings and changed the upper intake and a new hood and a blowproof bell has to go on, and i still feel like im forgetting something. I'm shot
  7. heres a few i found quick, there was a turbo LS hatch with all flat black draglites too but i cant find that one

  8. What about red? Think that would look horrible on a all black notch?
  9. It's not a honda dude...
  10. YES :notnice:

  11. Lol...for some reason the import guys are all about their black wheels. :rlaugh:

    On the g35 forums i'm on, they will take a $1000 set of nice OEM 19" infiniti wheels....and rattle can them black. The ones with more money to spend will PC them black. Totally ruins the wheel IMHO.

    Besides, i wouldn't want to PC a wheel. The process "can" weaken the wheel significantly. Anytime you heat and cool metal you change the properties. The wheel needs to be cooled slowly over time...ideally buried in sand for a day or so. I've yet to hear of a company doing this for a decent price so i would be hesitant to have any wheel i drive on PC'ed.

    Saw some decent pics of a vette wheel failing after PC when the owner did a lap around a track....wheel just shattered
  12. I think it affects lightweight forged wheels more than plain-old OE heavy cast wheels, but yea, I've heard the same thing. I'd be nervous to bake a high end wheel destined for track thrashing. Though, I have heard of different PC shops *claiming* that their particular magic process doesn't weaken wheels. Who knows. :shrug:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever heard of an OEM powder coating a factory wheel. They're usually just painted, if that's of any consolation.
  13. Reason I asked I plan on building a PUNISHER notch, all black inside and out with a 408 stroker and a big shot. Black welds don't look that hot as I see now, only other color that would go with the punisher theme would be red, I hate imports so I'm not trying to go that route at all trust me I just don't want stock color welds, wouldn't look right
  14. spoked wheels look much better black, the draglites loose all thier definition when they are black and they look like a cragar soft 8
  15. do you really wanna look like this tool?
    BTW red is NOT a Punisher color, its either black or white, and i tried white drag lites, it looked like uber ****
  16. hey be nice you are being a snot nosed know it all 5.0 talk kid..... :D

    and yea, that hondas wicked gay
  17. **** what was i thinking, i'll just go back and fiddle with my car :( :p
  18. Call me crazy, but I think colored wheels can look badass. IMHO, that Honda looks retarded because it's a Honda, not because it has red wheels. Hot Rodders have been painting wheels for YEARS. I wouldn't call this car ghey:


    Oh, and Shaolin is right, the Punisher was just black and white.
  19. yeah Nic not diggin that car but i get what you're saying, i just think HOT colors on rims are nasty
  20. Normal draglites it is thanks guys