You 5-OH guys,.....I tell ya.

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  1. I'm at a gas station today, and a 93 vert pulls up to the other side of the island. Dude gets out and gives the car a nod of approval, and we start talking. We exchange some facts and figures, and he asks what I had in the car for an engine. "A 2valve 4 6 "I said. "A 4,6?!!! Why did you do that?" he just about yelled. "Wanna see it?" I asked, It looks pretty good in there" I told him. "No, not unless you got something special done to it" he snorts. "You're kidding me?" I skoffed. "You see the whole car, and you're gonna snuff me for the engine? I half laughed at him. "You traded down when you put that thing in there," those things belong in taxis." he professed. "I traded down?,...It had a sickly, smoking 4 banger in it before!" I told him. 'Yeah, well I think you should've put a big inch windsor in there like your hood scoop suggests" he says, pointing to the Cobra jet emblems.
    This guy looks to be early to mid 30's. I'm trying to figure him for what he does for a living, that at this stage in life he has become an expert on "Mustang motorvation". I decided to turn the table. "What is in there" I said pointing to his hood "The engine that's supposed to be in the car" he huffed. "Can I see it?" I asked.
    "It ain't nothing special, but at least it'll get out of it's own way" he says as he pops the hood to show off his 100,000 mile, original dirt covered engine. w/ the standard minimal bolt ons. "You're pulling my leg, right? I asked now smiling widely. You have a stock, high mile 5.0, that when it was new made about 2 and a quarter horsepower and this is your reference standard for fast"?
    "A 2v 4.6 made 2 sixty five in 02' stock!.... Dude!.... Tell you what, I don't care if you look at mine, I'm gonna check the oil just the same" I said, as I gave the hood just enough of a lift for the struts to take the hood away from me. (I did this despite the fact that I had already checked the oil at home).
    He came around front, and stood there and looked. " I gotta give it to ya,... that does look good in there." he finally says , now joined by his passenger that was sitting in the other seat. "Whoa!" other dude said, "that's a 4.6?"
    "Yeah, that's a 4,6." I said, starting to feel a little twink of pride well up. "Yeah, it looks good,.... it's what you gotta do to make up for the fact that it won't fall out of a tree." Idiot #1 says to his friend, as they both laugh, kinda expecting me to yuk it up w/ them. Pride gone. "You guys need to get back to putting gas in your fast car." I said, adding "And I need to get going, cause this is going nowhere." as I closed my hood.
    I didn't say another word, nor did dude ( at least not to me) They were yukking it up amoungst themselves though, I knew they were still convincing themselves that I was stupid for my engine choice. ( The Bob Seger song "turn the page" plays in my head): "You pretend it doesn't bother you, but you just want to explode."

    Putting that rear filler neck makes putting gas in this thing take about 2-3 times longer than before, and I gotta go real slow to keep from sloshing it back out all over me. Needless to say, verti-dude was done way before me. They fire the car up, and move to the exit. Damned if he didn't dump the clutch, so as to give me one last chance to be impressed at his awesomeness.

    As hard as it may have been for him to believe, I wasn't impressed. I shook my head and just smiled. I put the pump back, and went in to get a coke.

    But not before I threw the gas cap that he left on the pump in the trash.:banana:

    Some peoples kids:nonono:
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  2. Not before you threw the gas cap he left on the pump in the trash!! :eek:
  3. Wait, what??? You put a 4.6 in there??? Why the hell did you do that??? :fuss:

    Hell, if I'd known that I would have tracked you down months ago to help you put the poor thing out of its misery. :nonono:

    I mean... OBVIOUSLY that dude knew what was what and how it should it be. :rolleyes:

    ...and he didn't mean to dump the clutch. He probably had to get back to his mom's basement before she locked the front door for the night. :D

    BTW... How's the A/C going?
  4. A 5.0 must be better. Vanilla Ice would never roll in a 4.6! :cool:
  5. At least he didn't ask why there wasn't an LS in there?
  6. Eh...i'll keep my stroked pushrod 5.0 over a 2 valve....a 4 valve on the other hand, i'd trade up.
  7. I'd probably get the same reaction for keeping my engine stock. As in, air silencer is still on it.

  8. I can appreciate that. These cars are old enough that seeing one completely unmolested is worth seeing.

  9. :lol:
  10. So in other words, the "guy" on the other side of the pump today coulda been you Noobz?
    Waiting on the duct hoses and vents. I used the excuse that it was low on gas to drive it despite the fact that the rear seat isn't there right now. (Did I mention how LOUD that Holley HP 125 pump is w/o the sound insulation benefits from the back seat?)

    And this guy knows what engine is, and isn't better?
  11. Lmao,these kinds of people kill me! Well to each is own i guess. I dig the 4.6s too! ....but then again i like them all i suppose! Haha
  12. Why is it that you OP attract these people? Or are you the only one brave enough to say so?
  13. My car is an a sshole magnet I guess?:shrug:

    These people? There have only been two people that I've written about. The one was the woman at the auto show where there was thousands of "those people". And then there's this guy.

    I don't get the brave enough to say so thing though,...whad ju talkin'bout Willis?
  14. Not to many people talk about the negative influence or reaction their car gets. Most everybody will talk about how awesome their car is or how awesome someone else thinks their car is. I appreciate your stories and honesty tho.
  15. This is news to you? All you gotta do is read just about anything I write. The guy that dogs me the most is me. I don't like it when somebody doesn't like my junk, but It's not gonna change the fact that they didn't like it. I look at it this way: The guy was a goob, that lacked the tact to keep his negative thoughts to himself. Now that happens all the time on the internet, but rarely face to face. The fact that the car is different, kinda brings out the crazies in the same way a public figure does ( I mean, just look at how many replies I've had to deal w/ from the likes of Noobz347, and droptop 5.0,.... talk about "whack jobs".) If I was some "Mort Meek," or some short fuse, then I'd either be crying from butthurt owwie, or talking about how I beat the s hit outta the guy. But I'm neither.
  16. True that!
  17. I was told that a 351W was a dog motor when building mine and that i should instead stick with a 302W
  18. I love the ubiquitous 4.6! In fact, I use one to anchor my boat....It only makes 260 hp.

  20. Who told you that?....Was this in the 21st century? Your uncle Chevy Boy Bob? You should've tried to build one in 1977, Even the dogs didn't want a 351W then. [​IMG]
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