You 5-OH guys,.....I tell ya.

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  1. Sounds like your car is a j erkoff-seeking missile.

    I had a similar run-in at a gas station with my wild strawberry notchback, though much shorter. It was equally hostile and tense though. It was a beautiful summer day, probably 2009 or so. I was pumping gas at a nearby Mobil station when a slammed black GT hatch with chrome Cobra R's pulls in. The douche nozzle in the driver's seat gives me a head nod as he pulls in, then walks over to chat me up. His idea of chatting me up was to kneel by the rear quarter panel and look down the length of the car. He then looks at me and says "your $hit's a little wavy, but it's nice I guess." Bare in mind, the car had 43k original miles on it, came from California, and had never seen rain in its life. Here's what the floor pans looked like when I changed the carpet, just to give you a visual:


    And the reflection of the sky in the roof:


    The point is not to brag about how clean the car was, or to say that the car didn't have a single wave in it, anywhere. The point is that the guy just wanted to $hit on me for having a nicer car than him. He couldn't say something nice, or make harmless small talk about the car. He had to assert himself as the dominant $hitbird in order to belittle me and my ride, and to elevate his own to a higher plateau of dildoness. It's very hard for people to be happy for others. It goes against their very nature. People, and particularly Mustang people, are intrinsically jealous and defensive. Oh well...
  2. yea that's us..we're all just dicks.
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  3. I detect sarcasm. Honestly though dude, be realistic with yourself for a minute. The overwhelming majority you meet out at a car show or in public, are they not standoffish assholes with a chip on their shoulder? This has been my experience, anyway. Maybe you guys live in lollipop land where the 19 year old fox GT owners all prance through fields of daisies with their arms interlocked and share cotton candy, but around here they're cocksuckers. This is coming from as big a Mustang fanatic as anyone on this board.
  4. stock 100K 5.0 > Mike's 4.6L

    Only yours though Mike. All the others are cool. :ninja:
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  5. Giggity!!
  6. I'm not really sure the the 19yo fox body owners are up to..... I cant speak for other people, the car doesn't define a person, their actions do. I've had tons of conversations with other mustang owners on what they've done to their cars and I don't judge them for what they've done because I don't feel anyone should judge me for what I've done to my car. I actually met a guy at the gym the other day who saw my corral shirt and started a conversation about his 4.6 he's building with a Vortech supercharger. If someone has an elitist attitude and thinks their ideas are better than yours, then that's the person not the car... As if there are no 4.6 owners out there that are complete douche's... Or Civic owners, or Infiniti G35 owners, etc, etc.... let's be real.

    And maybe all the people that go to car meets are just dicks, I drive a 5.0 that looks pretty decent and I dont go to car meets because I dont have anything to prove to anyone. That's like going to a strip club and saying that all women are whores.
  7. First, I appreciate that your story was eloquently written, and I got a couple of chuckles from the guy's comments, and from the way you handled the situation, especially the gas cap at the end. I wouldn't take it personally though, and I doubt the guy was seriously trying to offend you. Some guys, my best friend included, like to give :poo: to people to see how they handle it, and it's often just the way that they have fun with you. It's best, and kinda fun too, to roll with the punches, and shoot back at them jokingly when you can, or call them on their bull:poo: especially when they know they're wrong or missed something otherwise blatantly obvious. They like to think they're being honest, and that they don't hold back their thoughts, even though they should in social situations with people that demand a little more respect or when they meet someone new, like in your case.
  8. Most V8 guys where I live usually stick together... I DD a ~400 hp Firebird for 4 years, and my best friend had a stock Fox Body... He used to not know much and trying to pretend bolt on bench racing :poo:, and I would just laugh at him... Now he is building an 11 sec motor, but will run high 12's because he will blow the tranny a few times before he realizes he needs something stronger and it will run like crap until he gets a good tune... This will give me time to get my top end ported to put me in the 11's with him...

    I love wrenching on our cars together.

    I used to have issues with the import guys talking :poo:, until one of them saw me run at the track... They all gave me respect after that which was nice.

  9. Well... it's pretty obvious to me that someone who builds a car the as nicely as the project you're working on, is OBVIOUSLY compensating for a small winky. I didn't want to say anything before because I'd feel bad about your sitting in the back of the closet, rocking back and forth and sobbing. I mean... it would be on my conscience if you were struck in the head by falling bowling ball because of something I might have said.

    So yeah... I'll admit only now that your POS is REALLY quite nice and coming out great but... alas... only at the expense of revealing.... well... the problem. :oops:

  10. For the record. Out of those that comment on my car whether its here, at the car shows, or face to face, 99.9% of it is positive. The fox community has been the the harshest of the three, because to some, I've ruined the car. It hasn't been insulting however, as typically it's the "not for me" comments that let me know they don't like it. I've said it before, that based on original feedback 7-8 out of 10 comments were positive. By far and large, the other 19.9 to 29.9% of the positives I get, come from the scads of positive nods and thumbs up when people don't say anything else.
    I wouldn't have told the story if it had been a "OMG! great car" comment, as it would've just been bragging.

    Also for the record I got a pretty thick skin, and a pretty good sense of humor, so I'm gonna turn that encounter into another stupid story to write about here. So what that means to you Noobz347 , is that you don't have to post the little green smiley face all the way down at the very end of your post. I know how to take a joke.

    Well,...except about the little winky jab,......YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!:fight:

    P.S. I like what you did w/ the members list popping up when you tag somebody that gets narrowed down to "the one" as you keep typing......cyber-brillance.

  11. Not all the 5.0 guys are D-Bags, just most.:stir:
  12. You... yeah, I know YOU can take the joke (I otherwise wouldn't rib you). The green smiley was more for the passers-by, unfamiliar with the banter that might have taken my poop-talking as serious. :p

    As always though, you know that I have at least SOME idea of all the hard work you put into that thing and really do appreciate the outcome. :nice: Even if you did end up using some weak ass 2V :shrug: PUSHROD POWER! :rock:


    I hope you're able to pull your 6 pack idea together. Would definitely be a one of a kind badass.
  13. Anyone with half a brain that saw your car would know that you set out to build a one of a kind fox, not a 275 drag car. Those with good taste shouldn't have anything bad to say about that vehicle of yours.
  14. Small winky, idk? He did use the 4.6 power plant.
  15. It made 260hp in the GT and 265hp in the Bullitt. :)
  16. The fact that the guy was so brazen is what surprises me. Most guys are less likely to be so negative right there to your face.
  17. Especially with a car that obviously had a lot of work put into it.
  18. you know the stock 2v in my wifes 03 Explorer will walk all over a stock 5.0..

    There is a reason I switched to a lil ole 32v 4.6 :D
  19. This joker's got the balls to bust on Chucky when he's driving a ragged, dirty-ass stocker? What a simpleton... just has to bring down someone who obviously has something nicer than he. He'd probably tell ya what junk a 2013 GT500 is.

    That is beautiful
  20. Now I didn't say dude's car wasn't pretty. I'm not a vertible kind of guy, but as verts go,.. His was very nice inside and out. His engine compartment was dirty, but other than that, it was as nice a vert as they come.
    Now I don't know how long, or even if it happens on a fox, but if it's like my van, he's got a check engine light on from driving w/o a gas cap.