You 5-OH guys,.....I tell ya.

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  1. people amaze me sometimes... i love the sound of my 5.0 but nothing can replace the sound of my 2v with my x pipe and macs
  2. I've experienced something different. I remember some kid in a black hatch that came to speak with me. I had a white notch at the time. It was clean but far from perfect. Kid was in love with my car and gave nothing but praise. LOL... His car however wasn't the best sample of a clean fox. It had rusted quarter panels, A-pillar was cracked and rusted out, paint was faded, cheap 4 bolt Fobras, calipers and rear drums painted YELLOW! Anyway I didn't bust his balls on anything. Gave him some tips like how to install a 3G (he was telling me about wanting dual 12" subs). Then he asks me "what do you think of mine"... oh boy!

    I said it's a POS and you should hang yourself. haha no, joking! I tried my best to not let him down, I think he was 17. I said it's a nice start and told him I can maybe help him out with the body work if he ever decides to get it done (I have a buddy that owns a bodyshop) and told him black hatchbacks with tinted windows are real cool and that his chrome wheels stick out nicely. I didn't mention the yellow calipers, I guess he'll figure that one out on his own...

    As for 5 oh guys being dicks? I haven't experienced that personally. I've experienced a die-hard chebby fan boy at a party once. This guy was a PURE douche nozzle. I mean I really wanted to break his nose, he just never let it go. I show up at his dad's (friend of the family - ex girlfriend) for a party. His dad just got a 454 chebby pickup (was a nice truck) so he was going on about how my notch is ruining their driveway with the rust that's falling (WTF, car was more than clean and still white underneath). He goes on to saying how his dad's 454 could burn tons more rubber than my POS rustang. After a few hours of him following me around and telling me how much my damn car sucked (I didn't NOTHING to him). I gave up when he reminded me again how much better a 454 is my 302 is a POS that can only burn oil, not rubber. I said ok, I bet you 100$ I can burn more rubber shifting into 2nd, than that POS stock 200hp 454 pile of junk.

    He goes first, does a ricer stile J-drop (puts it in reverse, then slams into drive when the truck is still backing up, doing a mild burnout. So he maybe did 10 feet at most... I get out my POS rustang, do a crazy burnout from a stop, and when I shifted into 2nd, I let out a good 20 feet of 2 nice black rubber marks.

    When I turned around and drove back, I told him to shut the **** up and #1 don't break your dad's truck because you have a small penis and need to compensate, and #2 buy your own :poo: and #3... gimme my $100!

  3. You Mustang guys... I just don't get it :D

    I'd be droolin' all over that thang
  4. Mike, should have kept it a stock non-turbo 2.3 and put 5.0L badges on the side :p And tell him you have 1 turbo for each spark plug (8) and that your waste gate is so awesome that when you shift from 2-3, your car causes F1 tornadoes around the front end but you're so fast, it doesn't matter anyway. Then tell him you reversed polarized the windshield for better wind resistance and your car can hit 456.8MPH on the salt flats but you won't try because Chuck Norris is too scared to drive it.
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