You all Suck (sarcasm implied)

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  1. Alright so i put on the Pypes H pipe today. and ohh my dear lord. i hate you all. nobody could have possibly prepared me for how loud it is. i drove it down the street at a moderate rate of acceloration in a more remote area. and had a lady threatening to call the cops on me... are you guys kidding me!!!!!! i mean theres so many of you out there with H pipes but d***. The Corsa axlebacks make it just wonderful. but too loud for my taste.. guess its too late now right? how many of you have been pulled over for having your exhaust too loud just wondering? how much is the ticket? im pissed at every single one of you who told me to do it! :D but secretly i love it
  2. Hah! I've said here, there, and everywhere that the Pypes o/r H with Corsa's is LOUD. Not as loud as SLP loudmouths with the same H, but none the less LOUD.

    Don't you just love the tone though of the Corsa's with that pipe? It's unlike any other exhaust combo that I've ever had.
  3. i took it over to my buddy at SM Ford and he builds and (used to) race SCCA and he was pretty much giggling like a school girl when i rev'ed it. (only to 3500 i might add.. it made a few people come almost a hundred yds away to check it out. pretty cool, yet how do you have the cops stay off your back???? a cop heard me when i was just going down the road, i had to put the clutch in just to pass him and he followed me for almost a block before he realized i was not going to accelorate at all... haha scared the crap outta me. so what do you doo???
  4. :lol:

    Cruise down the road...40mph in 5th gear it just hums, haha, but I usually don't worry about it and mine is LOUD

  5. I just get to the speed that I want to maintain as fast as I can. Once you hit a constant RPM, the sound really dies off. But as you mentioned, when you're accelerating at all, it is loud. Well no, not loud. LOUD!

    It will grow on you. I am however debating on purchasing the SLP X pipe with removeable cats. That way, usually I'll run with cats on but when I feel like rippin', I'll remove the cats and get that sound back.
  6. :rlaugh: when i first put the O/R H on my car, i thought it was LOUD. now i am used to it and would not have it any other way :D :D
  7. Whenever i put my O/r H pipe on with my SLP's the first thing i did of course was go WOT. With my windows down, at about 4k my ears were actually physically hurting. I took it off the same day, people comment on my exhaust all the time so i think it's loud enough.
  8. I feel bad for the smog inspection states. I love my o/r setup.
  9. I don't have a new stang...but same thing happened to me with my 67 :) Was going to park it in my garage and I see the police cruiser go by (I live in a very quiet neighborhood with streets the cops never patrol) but luckily he didn't see me! haha!

    Took it out the next day I think and the same thing happened lol

  10. smog aint till 2011 or 2012. im not sure but thats a ways away in my book. and this sucker is just so loud i get head turns from all the import guys out infront of blockbuster who think they are all cool and i just have it in first around 2500 rpms and they look. thats for sure. haha i love the setup but it scares me alittle. HOw are you guys dealing with the Drone in the cabin... its really not drone its just its so loud some sound comes in the cabin. any way to prevent/minimize this. i have heard DYNAMAT works well are there any other products?
  11. Turn up your radio.
  12. Most cities do have noise ordinances since the boom box errA. I went to a speed class with my daughter and they also use the radar guns to judge the distance if your to loud. :)

  13. and i now most certainly violate those. :bang: