You always get what you paid for...

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  1. OK "they" always say you get what you pay for, lets spend some time talking about times we paid vary little and got lots!!!
  2. I paid 150 bucks shipped for 2 rear pacer draglites, in great condition with brand new MT ET Streets on them. $150 bucks got me a dead hook and high 1.7 60's :D

    found a guy on corral locally that had a set of gt40p heads for 290, complete with vavle job, springs, and scoprion 1.6 rockers (brand new are like over 200 bucks) On the car now and couldnt be happier :)

    Thats all the good luck for me so far! Also found locally an upper and lower explorer intake for 200 bucks, not too rare though.
  3. Got everything i need to convert to rear disk/5 lug from the local u-pull it for $80. Just need to get rotors since the ones on the car were shot, so I just left them there. I thought that was a pretty good deal :shrug:

    Oh, also got a 3.8 taurus fan for $15
  4. I got a 88 mustang 4 cyl in decent shape(running and drove home) for $50
  5. Now your just showing off
  6. i think the best deal i can think of was, i got a almost new black interior and a set of ground effects....a friend of a friend just gave up on his car so i got it all for like 300...tossed in a stock h pipe for free still use it...just now after 3 years lost a cat in it....
  7. i get to sell a friends coupe and keep half the cash....
  8. I want a coupe
  9. paid $75 for a holley 600 carb. still in the box, never used.

    gave $300 for my 87 notch (4cly, 5spd.). good body, new apc front seats (sold them) and back seat was just redone. and it came with some black projector headlights (ugly, but they are new and they light up the road nicely)

    edit: it pays to have friends with drug problems... sad but true
  10. Steal of the century - $35 for a complete Boss 302 carb (on eBay)..about to toss it back on, restored.

    Paid $405 for my '64 coupe with a 260 when I was 13, sight unseen. Very good condition for the coin.
  11. Got a 3G and harness for 14 bucks at pull-a-part
  12. i got a 94-95 cobra intake for 100

    Rebuilt AODE with Shift Kit Hardened parts and PI Torque Converter for 1500
  13. hmm at least 7k worth of body work paint and airbrushing, 3 inch cowl hood, Saleen wing, and Cowl Panel for... FREE haha
  14. got both tail light assemblies w/ lenses for $59 total b/c the parts guy put the wrong part number on the bill...

    he charged me for the seals or something... So I save like $300
  15. Complete t-5 swap and mint 85gt grey interior for $250 also came with steeda quadrant and cable. Black Dash and consel for $35
  16. I got a free part off the display 5.0L engine at the Ford dealership. I was desperate.
  17. I found a set of Hooker Super Comp Full Length Headers for my '65 289, brand new in the box for $99. I then paid about $200 to have them Ceramic Coated by HPC Coatings. For less than the price of the standard black painted Super Comps from Summit, I have a set of Ceramic Coated Super Comps!
  18. Got a free brand new 3g alt.

    Got a set of edelbrock RPMS for $600 shipped from cali to ohio. I done a quick clean up job on them and they were in perfect shape.

    Got a new rebuilt 306 for $400 bucks, ALTHOUGH it didn't have in it what i was told it had. But i couldn't beat the price.

    Those might not be the best deals but they seemed pretty good to me 4 years ago when i bought the stuff.
  19. New mac long tubes and h pipe...out of the box for $150...:)
  20. I haven't gotten any good deals on parts yet, but I got my '04 Z400 last year with 10hrs on it and a couple mods for $2200. My car had 37k miles on it when I bought it, and I paid $5800. I thought that was a really good deal. Oh, I bought a drop in K&N filter at the swap meet last weekend for $10. :shrug: