Roush you are all lucky buggers!

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  1. I love the 99-04 saleen converts. unfortunately my other cars have forced me not to get my dream car im picking up a v6 convert. poppin on a saleen kit and wheels, doin a pro charger and new heads, intake pistons etc....its going to run 450 hp when about 15 psi. I know I won't have a real saleen but am I nuts for doing this? i can build a complete car that looks just like I want, and will run pretty fast for less than I can buy a stock GT for.......
  2. Dont Build up the v6. It will be way to much money. Get a V8.

    Just my .02 $
  3. actually it won't...around here v8's are at a for 16000, a gt for 9 a same year v6 and then for about 5 g more, I can have moucho power from the i can save money over time becuase I just ordered a mazda 6 v6 and I just bought a F150 its sorta budgeting it out.....
  4. Are you talking about 450rwhp? You might find that pretty hard, if not impossible to do, especially for 5K. By the time you buy the car, buy the Saleen kit, buy the Saleen wheels, put 5K into the motor, you could probably buy a real 99 N/A Saleen. Not to mention, you have the suspension to think about, and that can run you some serious cash as well. Lastly, if you do manage to get that much power out of the 6, you'll have to beef up every part of the drive line to handle it. Remember, it was all put together for a v6...

    The problem is, once you put all this money into a v6 Mustang, you're still going to have just a v6 mustang. Granted, it will look like a Saleen and may be fast, but you'll never get your money back out of it. It'll just be another modded Mustang. I'd seriously consider buying a real one if you want one. I'd bet good money that you'll end up spending much more money doing what you describe vs. buying a real Saleen...

  5. Save your money on the V6 and buy a nice Fox body and work with that. Man those V6 are like a bad venerial disease.

  6. v8 or bust!
  7. For the money you spend total, you can get a V8 Saleen for less in the long run and still have a higher resale value.

    side note, I love that avatar too! My eyes keep going round and round and round!
  8. I want a 99-04 body style.....and the thing not doing it for an investment, to make money, to get something out of it other than having some fun driving around town with a nice lookin car, and maybe show some v8 boys around here my tail lights....where I live, there is not one real saleen...there was one..but it has since been sold off the island. and yes for about 5-6k, I can have 450 rwhp from the 6....again where I live, there is no access to any real saleens, old or new...and v8's are 16k just for the car...when I can have pretty well everything done for that money with the 6 and have a pretty fast car, that looks awsome....

    Look at the thread name here......LUCKY BUGGERS! thats what any of you with real saleens access to them its buid your own look a like, I will never represent my car as a REAL Saleen..other than having the saleen body kit, wheels and other goodies on it...I will say its a saleen reproduction....

    also, I have the suspension and tranny figured as well.....
  9. I just wanted to know if saleen owners are as anal about the whole thing as integra type R owners....I used to own a integra, and I was going to build it up over time to become a type R.....I like tinkering...and every honda owner tore me to the ground for even speaking it...even tho it would beat any stock type R in any type of race, and would be a beautiful car.....but they ****in lost it at hopefully the saleen population is a little more mautre.....remember, imitation is the biggest form of flattery!
  10. I wasn't bangin' on ya for talking about imitating a Saleen. I was just trying to let you know that you'll probably end up investing as much, if not more, money then what it would cost you to buy a real one. You might not be thinking of re-sale now, but it may become a factor in the future. Why not have the fact that it is a "real" Saleen in your back pocket? This is especially true if you live where there aren't any others. However, if you can't get one "on the island" then you've got to do what you've got to do. BTW - where the heck are you anyways?
  11. Newfoundland Canada.

    here, the gt mustang is like a ferrari everyone wants them, so they are priced Like I said I can get a stock v6 in awsome condtion, 9k 5 -6 k for motor and done.
  12. Like everyone else is saying, buy a V8. For the amount of money it will take to do what you want to do, you could have easily bought a V8 car off the net and spent $1000 to have it shipped to you. You can get a '99 or '00 GT for barely over $10K with some shopping.
  13. this is cdn dollars im talkin about....10 k for you is 14 k for me. plus I will spend less doing that, then I would on a stock gt and i will out perform it....I can do all the mech work myself. I dont mind getting my hands dirty...I have a snowmobile that does low 9's in the 1/4....and did all the work myself on the motor...port and polish and all of biggy to rip apart and build a motor. so all I will pay is for parts.
  14. Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind... Good luck, let us know how it turns out...
  15. I long as you guys are cool......don't want to come off like a dumbass! but when I was doing the conversion on my integra, holy sweet jesus did I get flack for it....but got the car, paid it the money for the type R suspension, wheels etc, then got a type R esentially I had a type R underneath me but man....all they did was ****..but I guess people who buy saleens and stuff are older and more mature than the ricer crowd....the way I look at what im doing, the car will look HOT, it will be fast and it will be different
  16. Who cares about the flack, in fact it shows you're getting noticed.
  17. yes. I know...but I have respect for the guys that go plunk down the cash on a real saleen...not so much for the guys with type R becuase most times daddy bought them for them and they are snot nosed kids....

  18. In turn, I have respect for people who build up there cars nicely. Like others here, it only bugs me when Faleen owners feed people B.S., trying to pass off their car as an original.

    Good luck.

    Did you consider flying down to the states and driving a car back? I don’t know how much plane tickets are in you location. Imagine if you built up a V8?
  19. Ok Kojack.

    I have been watching this thread for a couple of days. Don't let your mind be made up. You came here to get some "real" feedback I believe from "Saleen" owners. We are just trying to help.
    Listen. You don't live in Iceland. I know the southern ferry takes 6 hours. I have napped on it.
    Within 3 min. I found a 99 Mustang GT V8 on Autotrader in Ellsworth for 10k US. That's less than an hour drive from the border. He will take less.

    Don't waste your money on a V6. If you are handy like you say, go to

    Do some homework on Ken's silver car. No blower, bottle of anykind. You will be so sorry you settled on a V6 car when if you search Northern ME you will be able to find one. It's not like you live in Reykjavik.
  20. Far from it. Most of the guys in here whether young or old are pretty easy going. Especially to new members. I have jumped the gun and asked some stupid questions I could have found if I had done a little research myself. People responded in a helpful manner. Heck most even posted links to the answer to my question. How is that for service? :hail2: