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  1. Im sure there have been threads about this but I never read them as I didnt think id get an auto :shrug:

    Now my Lincoln has the same auto (i think) as the modular SN95s and want to see what it takes to be a killer transmition. I would like quicker more solid shifts under WOT but still be smooth under normal conditions. It will eventually need to handle a super charger but i want to keep the 3.27 gears as I wana keep the great highway manners and low noise level. What kinda torque converter should be used? Not for drag racing and still DD duty, is the stock one fine then?
    Also the transmition has had the 1-2 shift solinoid upgrade done.

    Thanks all! :SNSign::flag::canada:
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  4. I run a SC with an auto, a stock 28 spline axle and just added a 2500 stall converter. Before the 2500 was installed, my shift point from 1st to 2nd was set at 5700 rpm to keep from hitting the rev limiter which was raised from the stock 6050 to 6200 rpm. 2nd to 3rd was a little better, but not much. I told my tuner I was looking for maybe a 3000-3200 to improve my launch and tighten up the shift while not risking the health of my stock tranny and rear end. He told me if my first priority is reliablity, he recommended a 2500. He put it in, added a B&M tranny cooler and adjusted the shift through the ECU. The car definately shifts much faster and sharper, runs cooler and under normal conditions, you don't know anything's been changed.

    Hope this helps.
  5. ive run a 3200...02 gt and currently a 3600 stall without issue in my DD. Also running a 40k true cool trans cooler and tuned via sct. My limiter was raised to 6350 and my shift points are 5900, 5800 and 6k if Im not mistaken...set up on a dyno as well.
  6. Im going to get the sniper tuner for it sice I dont think anyone else makes a tuner for it :shrug:
    Well a user adjustable one anyway. Heres the thing, at 70 mph im at 2000 rpm. I would like it to stay that way for mileage. If I put a 2500+ stall in it wont it cruise at a higher rpm since the stock one seems to be around 1800 :shrug:
  7. I can't help but laugh...

    I have posted this info before and it really needs to be posted again.

    The stock TC stall speed is 2300 - 2700 RPM. There is no point in adding a 2500 RPM stall TC as there will not be any gain from it. Yes, like before I am ready to argue this with anyone as I have proved this many times before.

    SCT has tuners available for your car...

    If you put in a lockup type TC, your cruising RPM range won't change. I have a 4200 RPM Stall Speed Lockup PI Triple Disc and 4.30's in the differential of my 96 TBird which is similar to your Mark VIII. My cruising RPMS are 3000 RPM @ 80 MPH for reference. That is because of the rear gears.
  8. I know its been posted before but figured if there was a transmition difference then someone would point it out :shrug: Kinda figured I wouldnt change the TC. I have seen the SCT chip but cant seem to find a tuner. I like the Sniper kit cause its only $340 and I can use my laptop for data logging. Also when I do the S/C it will be easier to tune. AND I can use it on another car..... thinking Termi :nice: Or if get lucky and can afford another Aero with the little worm as Mike likes to say :D
  9. Going to agree with the previous posted - from what I've heard/read there's not much point to getting a TC unless you go 3500+
  10. Change the gear ratios IMO. Thats the most important thing you can do to wake that thing up. 4.10s all the way.
  11. 4.10's on an automatc? Not for a daily driver. I have 3.73's and if I'm at 80mph im running into the 3000RPM range - which I don't like to be in. 70mph is still about 2250rpm. 3000 for prolonged highway miles probably isn't too good for an engine. I would think it would burn a bit of oil.
  12. Not to imply I have anywhere near your apparent knowledge, I have to ask, Why was I previously only about to launch at 1500 rpm and now launch at 2400 rpm? Are you saying that has nothing to do with the 2500tq?

  13. This is why I went with the 3.73's also.
  14. Jmod'd valve body. I'm suprised TGJ didn't mention that :)
  15. I was told before but forgot. Whats the J-mod?

  16. The stock stalls flash speed is 2300-2700 but you cant launch at the stall speed which is why you launch at 1500.

    If your launching at 2400 your stall speed is probably over 3k...I would think?

    Put your car in second gear from a dead stop and stomp on it, see where the rpms shoot to...come back and post
    That should be your stall speed
  17. 10-4. I'll give it a try and let you know. Thanks.
  18. Your car also doesn't weigh 4,000lbs and run a DOHC 4.6L though? Those 4V's love to rev and you need a lot of gear and converter to get the big Marks up and moving from a stop.

    I've got a Modified Mercury Marauder unit in my Cougar that stalls somewhere in the 2,700-2,900 range. I'm also putting down over 400hp and 465lbs ft/tq and the car clocks in at about 3,900lbs. Even still, there's no where near enough converter for my taste. It honestly doesn't drive any different than stock with such a low stall speed.

    I'd go with no less than a 3,600 stall and 4.10 gears. Should still net you decent fuel mileage (around 25mpg if driven normally) and will probably cut a good half second off of your quarter mile time alone.
  19. Is that just because of the DOHC engine? I have 3.73's, and I can't see any way to get 25 mpg with 4.10s unless you're cruising everywhere at 50 mph.
  20. The ealy DOHC engines with the B-heads and IMRC throttle plates are very efficient under normal cruise conditions. Most Lincoln guys I know are knocking down 28-32mpg with conservative driving. My dad brought his Mark VIII back from Waterloo last summer and averaged 30mpg rigth on the nose. :nice:

    Even I with my heavy, blown 2V Cougar with 3.73's am still able to knock down 25-26mpg on the highway if I'm careful. :shrug: