You call yourself a Mustang Enthusiast?

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  1. SRT Handz, I am calling you out.

    SN-95 is the internal code name for ALL MUSTANGS produced from 1994 to 2004.
    SN-95 was the Fox platform successor.

    "New Edge" is just a term for the late SN-95's, produced from 1999 to 2004.

    Any Mustang made from 2005 to present is called a D2C platform, code named S197.

    I'm sorry...but this is one thing that really gets under my skin about a "Mustang enthusiast." It's one thing not to know about the heritage of your car (ex: the 1995 Cobra R was the only PRODUCTION Mustang since 1979 receive the 351 Windsor)...but if you don't know about YOUR car, that's sad.

    And no, I didn't just look this up, people. I had this information about the SN-95 platform in my signature about a year or two ago.

    For more information, please visit:

    Posers FTL :notnice:
  2. Here we go

  3. Hey four six, how do you like your VT Stage 1 N/A cams?
  4. Saleen s351.
  5. What is a Mustang? :shrug:
  6. its a horse...i think. or no, maybe a type of old airplane...who knows
  7. Might be called "Dark Charcoal" but I'd really hate to sit on real Black Leather in the summer

  8. Was'nt it a fighter plane made in WWII?
  9. Yeah, it was the P-51. The car on the other hand.....not so sure what it is. :shrug:
  10. ya, something like that....

  11. I must admit that I wasn't familiar with what the SN95 term meant so this thread is not a total failure.
  12. Does it really matter?

    I mean I kinda think its funny especially since he is the guy who called out people calling a moonroof a sunroof in another thread.

    Its all semantics and we know what everyone means.

    The SN95 is technically the 94-04 cars but most consider it to be 94-98 and the 99-04 New Edge.

    Who cares
  13. srt handz is a nerd, buying all them ricer parts and no engine mods
  14. :stupid:
  15. I got dark charcoal in my vert. Leaving the top down with the sun beating on it for four hours may slightly cook your nutsack. :(
  16. I see no need for this to go further
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