You Can See What Your Mustang Will Look Like With Shelby Stripes On It

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Sliver GT, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. thats a cool website. Thanks!
  2. This site can help me find the right color!

  3. totally cool, thanks
  4. Redfire with silver stripes for me. I was surprised the black stripes on redfire didn't look to shabby.

    Nice piece of Flash programming by Rampant over at The Mustang Source :hail2:
  5. White with Windveil Blue stripes for me...
  6. Great website .... thanks for sharing it with us!!
  7. satin silver with sonic blue stripes for me
  8. Mmmmmm....silver with lime green stripes... incredible!!!!
  9. The Performance White and Satin Silver looked great on the Windveil base colour. Guess I will have to start thinking about a second job to pay for little things like this. LOL

    How much do stripes normally run?
  10. SONIC BLUE WITH WHITE STRIPES FOR ME>...... :nice: :banana: :D
  11. Thats my favorite too.
  12. I wish it came in Dark Highland Green.
  13. I think my favorite is Black exterior with the Black stripes! :crazy:

    well at least for my black one!

    but i wouldnt mind a white one with blue stripes,,,, or a red one with white stripes!!!
  14. White with Wide Blue Stripe! :lol:

    White Premium GT with Light Gray Leather, Up Graded Interior, Side Air Bags, 5 speed, Shaker 500 sound system, Bullitt Wheels, Wheel Locks, and NO SPOILER! :banana: :banana:

    Up fortunately it is on "HOLD"! :shrug:

  15. I agree.... redfire and Silver With stripe number 2
  16. Highland green and satin silver stripes!!!!
  17. I like my silver with the big black stripe down the center specially since it already has the black runner srtipes down the side.
  18. My personal favorites...
    1. Highland Green with white stripe #3--it's closest to my car now.
    2. Sonic blue with white #2 or #3
    3. Redfire or Torch Red with white #3--Shelby Super Snake!!! :nice:

    And then for totally subtle... Windveil Blue with white #3.