You Can't Always Get What You Want

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  1. I picked up my new redfire gt vert last night-a cause for much happiness. :banana: :banana: But...much to my surprise it came w/ a big spoiler on it after it was ordered spoiler delete.

    I got x-plan pricing, and we all know that's a good thing, but I really didn't want a spoiler. So a big pow wow ensues w/ the sales manager. He predictably says I don't have to take the car, but he can't promise they will replace the decklid w/ one w/o the spoiler, but he will take it up w/ the general mgr the following day.

    It was 8:45 pm and I didn't want to wait for another 4 months so I take the car and go home.

    If they refuse to give me a new decklid do I have a case w/ Ford? :shrug:
  2. post pics, I ordered the same getting built June 20th, X-Plan also...dark graphite/ top!
  3. Dont' know. They always use that BS pressure so you will take what came in. It's bogus and they should have fixed their mistake. Maybe you can talk to a regional rep about it!

    Sounds like a nice car!
  4. That's a rough one. If I still had my dora that showed spoiler delete I'd raise some heck with the GM and regional rep. I'd also let the GM know his view point survey would be coming back with failing results and a nasty comment if he didn't take care of me.
  5. Might try finding someone on here willing to trade deck lids, maybe a V6 owner. I like both appearances, so if someone wanted a black deck w/ a spoiler, I'd consider trading. Maybe someone else would too. But if they're going to mess something up, the spoiler is the place to do it. Imagine if they accidentally sent you a Legend Lime 'stang? (not a bad color, but not red.)
  6. I do have the DORA w/ spoiler delete on it, but I got it at x-plan so the dealer may not be willing to eat a mistake that I'm sure they will blame on Ford.

    I haven't spoken w/ the sales mgr today to see what the GM said, but I'm trying to decide how to respond if they decline to fix the mistake. It doesn't seem like the dealer would be out much if they take back my trunklid to re-use.

    I assume Ford doesn't care what I paid for it, but they probably won't pay if the dealer screwed up the order.
  7. That may be a good idea on the swap. You're right on the severity of the mix-up--the finance guy said he saw a Taurus delivered that was half Taurus and half Sable components.
  8. Don't take it! Order another one, and wait around 4 months, just to get another car that is probably not perfect either. I'm sure the dealer can sell the "messed up spoiler car" and make about another $4000.

    Big scheme of things, it's just a spoiler. Dealer should try and fix it, but you could do the same. No, you shouldn't have to.
  9. Yeah, there are worse things to worry about. Last night in the showroom I was starting to get all worked up thinking about this injustice.

    Then I stopped and tried to consider how silly the scene would appear to an outsider. I will try to get the mistake resolved, but in the big picture the car is great, and I love it.