You can't have nothing in this world because of f&%^in criminals

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  1. I have to vent a little here. So I am out last night with the Stang and it was parked minding its own business. I wasn't near it when out of now where some Ill-Mannered bastards first try to steal it :lock: , then I guess something spookd them so they took a nice little Craftsman wrench and broke my window. They then proceeded to help themselves to my big tach w/shift light ($275), my gauge pod on the pillar with a vacuum gauge and fuel gauge ($175), my friggin nitrous activator shifter ball ($60), a book of cd's ($300), $80 in cash, and my friggin jacket ($60). I mean they took my jacket. :mad: What's up with that? They wrecked my dash by pulling out the tach. I got wires all over the pillar now cause of it. The best part is the vacuum line keeps hissing now becasue it is looking for the gauge. They were nice enough to leave my wallet. You can't have anything these days. I guess if I look on the bright side I got a new wrench out of it. You have to love the lifetime gaurentee on the Craftsman tools though so al is ot lost. :D I hope whoever did this falls in a pile of boken glass gets back up then slips in a puddle of aids. That would be just punishment for thier crimes.
  2. sucks man,sorry to hear, guess we need to keep a closer eye on on cars these days, or a sidearm underneath your jacket. good luck getting it back together
  3. this prob. should be in talk, but uhh...maybe some finger prints were on the wrench? It's a long shot and chances are, by now, your prints are on it as well...why would they leave the wrench anyway?
  4. You watched them do this?
  5. no i didn't watch them do it, if I did id more than likely be in jail right now. But it had to happen right as I was going back to my car becuase the batery was going bad in my car and it when they ripped the tach out they hit the button for the flashers and they were on as well as the dome light, i guess they turned that on to find more things to steal? The car still started so i figure it happened right as i was coming back to the car. I was a long way away from my car at the time so thye had plenty of time to leave. As far as the prints go i dont think the police would be to concerned with pulling prints off of the thing for the value of the sutff taken. Im sure they would say there's nothing we can do. f them to
  6. find them and kill them
  7. I'm currently trying to market my new C-4 car alarm system. (Comes with a warning sticker for the window)
    The dirtbag breaks in, sits down, and the car detonates a couple pounds of C-4 high explosive.

    It comes with my exclusive unconditional "no repeat offender" guarantee.

    Seriously though, dude, that really sucks. I hate criminal scum that seek only to ruin everything that we strive so hard to accomplish in life.
  8. C-4 thats funny. :rlaugh:

    Stupid crack heads. Will steal the paint off your car if they thought they could pawn it.

    Sorry for your pain. I am truly saddened.
  9. That sucks, but it's one more reason i'm sticking to the sleeper look....nothing inside to catch the eye of a would-be theif.
  10. Just wanted to say sorry to hear about your car. There is nothing worse than a [email protected] thief. The sad truth of it is, alarm or not, if someone want's something bad enough, their gona try to take it. I recently had my house broken into & they ( lazy [email protected] bastards ) made of with all sorts of stuff. Insurance company managed to screw me pretty good to top it all off. :bang:

    Anyway, I know how you feel & I hope you or the police catch those [email protected]!
  11. Thanks for all your concern. The only thing I have learned from this is that I am not locking my dorrs anymore. sounds stupid but like everyone says if they want something their going to take it. If the dor was unlocked maybe at least I wouldn't have to by a new window.

    I like the c-4 alarm, ill by the first customer
  12. get a paging alarm like i have in my camaro
    anyone bumps, breaks glass, opens the hood/door/hatch it goes off and tells me.
  13. yep, you can't win. Keep the sleeper look, never put a tach on your dash and have a decent car alarm so it'll wake you up if they try to hit it at your house.

  14. I hate those people along with the druggies. They should all die a horrible death. In the mean time If you needs some parts to fix the dash let me know I think I can get a dash for you if it is the right color.
  15. I agree on not putting the tach on the dash, i have had friends get their tachs stolen. This is why i don't have one, i just got an auto meter pro shift lite and i keep everything hidden. But i know how you feel GATOR98GT some @$$bag stole the cd player out of my truck a while back, and kind of related someone scored a hit-n-run on my escort a few weeks ago, bent it up a bit but not too bad, i would love to catch someone messing with my ride so i could introduce them to Mr.40S&W. :mad:
  16. sorry man i know how you feel, i've had 3 tachs 3 cd players and an oil pressure and water temp gauges stolen from mine when they stole the oil pressure gauge and the water temp i was leaving for work at 5 o'clock in the morning and wasn't thinking b/c i felt like puking and was in a hurry to get to work but the oil pressure was mechanical and they just cut the line and it was dark well there was oil all in my gauge pod on the dash and when i started to drive to get to work oil was squarting out of the lines i wanted to kill someone in fact i planed on taking my 7mm if i found them and putting a hole through both fenders and there block but never found out who it was cops never did ****, they told me they would send a detective over to talk to me cuz it was over 300$ worth of stuff and a felony but they never did.

    Any way i know how you feel and i'm sorry to hear it happend to you hope you get everything back together
  17. I am worried as well. Get the best paging alarm, lo jack, club, and park your car in a garage. If you dont have one then use a car cover that locks underneth the car. I am gonna keep the low key look and not stray too far from my car. The other day I was at the bank and I was walking back to my jeep and I walked by this nice van and I heard a loud "Step away from the car, protected by Viper security" It was like a megaphone and it scared the piss out of me. I am now gonna look for this alarm. I also have seen a rice mobile with a super flourescent bright pin light blinking on the dash, I mean Bright... this might act as a nice deterrent as well. Sorry bro, I hope you piece stuff back together.
  18. I hate thieves. I like the C4 alarm, but that would blow the whole car up. If it came to a choice between getting my car back in salvagable conditions or watch my car burn to the ground and not be able to salvage one thing from it rather than some addict get $0.01 out of it... That is as long as it burned with the thug in it.

    The problem with "active" security systems is the liberals feel they are too harsh. So what we have is alarms, which do nothing but make noise and use passive ways of preventing theft. There are security systems that use mace and such, but you have to buy them from in other countries.
    I knew a guy which had his alarm hooked to his airbag, so if the collum was tampered with enough, the air bag would go off. He said he made it work on a junk yard car, pretty simple, the alarm system activated power to the relay switch, which was wired to the collum cover so if it was removed the swich activated, which was directly connected to the airbag, BOOM, but with the alarm off, it cold not work, so he didn't have to worry about "false alarms. The crook would be leaned over with his head in just the right place, and there was little liability because I doubt the cops would care about what happened, they would be like "stupid idiot messing with the airbag, lets lock him up" if he was still alive.
    You can tell what kind of people stole the stuff, all they steel is gauges and CD's... In the movie The Slow and Currious, they got thier money form steeling right, and ricers want to be like thier hero's. If they had any brains they would know there were much more valuable thing so steel, the window they broke alone was worth as much as the tach.
  19. Hey Man-

    I know exactly how you feel. I walked out to my car at 0430 in the morning to find my driver's side lock popped by a flat head screwdriver and my 5" tach missing. They didn't steal my CDs or sunglasses, b/c it probably happened right before I came downstairs from my apartment and they heard me coming. I really need to get into a house so I can park my baby in the garage. I'm glad they didn't break my glass, but I would gladly break every bone in their useless body. These wastes of flesh have absolutely no respect for other people's personal property and are such losers that they have to steal from the ones that actually work for their stuff. I hope you get your pony back together.

  20. If I get ahold of a theif, I will take him into the garage gag him and cut off his hands! No way in hell he will ever try to steal again! A hack saw won't make as much of a mess as you think... only the initial squart when you hit the big vains but other than that it isn't too hard to clean up...