You can't have nothing in this world because of f&%^in criminals

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  1. Robertdale, ill keep you in mind. I have been so mad about everything that I haven't even lookd at my car since it happened. I know the entire dash pod might be messed up becuase the wires ran behind the dash so when they ripped it out it broke the the bolts that are up top ( under the window). I have to llok and see if I can even fasten the dash down now. The only other thing that I know if messed up is the pillar from the 2 holes I had the wires running through and the 4 screws that were holding the pillar in. Looks nice all ried up and whatnot. From now on everything is getting installed with 2-way tape.

    I did notice one other missing when I got home the other night. The freaks even took my 5.0 emblem I had on my dash. what prick asses.

    Does anyone know how to install a driver's side window? I can get the window for $50, just dont know if I will be able to install it myself. Anyone know if its a pain let me know.

    From reading all your responses it seems were al facing the same problems. We modify our cars and others just destroy them because they want to make a few quick bucks or avoid spending thier own money.
  2. I keep my 12 gauge next to the bed, and the window is directly overhead of where I park my cars. What a perfect shooting range.
  3. wow man, nothin worse than having your hard earned money stolen from you. the thing about car alarms is that people are so used to them that no one even bothers to look when one goes off. i know if im in a parking lot and hear one go off i give it a quick glance to see what kind of car it is and dont even break stride. i want to make a car alarm that isnt even really an alarm, it just sends an electrical current through the entire car and if someone touches it ZZZAAAAPPPP down for the count. no but seriously, i think im gonna get one of those state of the art viper alarms with the pager. kind of expensive but should be well worth it.
  4. Sorry to hear about what happened. You are probably right about the cops not doing anything, but hopefully you did contact them and they would fill out a report as to what was stolen and broken. If for some chance that they would catch these scumballs doing the same thing to another car maybe they could link it yours as well. I like the idea of the C4 alarm it would be a blast :banana: It would be nice if we could use the 12 gauge or the .40 on them but then again criminals have more rights then the law abiding citizen. I definitly know this from working at a state prison.
  5. They should make an Inspector Gadget type alarm system for car components. Lets say you have a nice gauge pod in your dash. If disconnected improperly... as a theif would do.. the component would self-destruct in 5 mins. Unknowingly, the thief rips out the dash pod and takes your gauges and runs away. Hahahahah mauauahahaha mauahahahah.. 5 mins later....BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dash pod gauges blow up in a fury and thier little fingers are laying on the ground. To the hospital they go and busted for their crime by Inspector Gadget security!
  6. why dont you just file an insurance claim. my buddy got his stereo stolen & got $1500 worth of stuff. worth a try
  7. Man i remember years ago in the Dupont Registry magazine, there was a company in the back of the book that had an alarm that puts a field if electricity inside the car where if someone broke in, they wouldnt be there for long!!!! i wish i could still find it!! this was 3 years ago when all i can do was dream about having a mustang!
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    "You Can't Have Nothing" that a way of putting it..
  9. haha the last few nights i have been doing my sighting in on my .50 cal desert eagle. first time the little prick, who has been snooping around my car, opens the door. boom what a headache he will have!!! hes been out at my car for the last 4 nights.. and the last 4 nights the sights have been on his temple. best part even if i dont pop him, he lives right next door so it wont be hard to find him. either the gun, my dog or my hands will kill him. sorry for your tragedy. hopefully i will prevail triumphant, against crime.
  10. Could anyone explain Paging alarms to me ?

    How much do they cost?
  11. my grandpa had 2 large coils under the drivers seat of his model a that he could plug onto his battery and had it rigged so that anyone who touched the body would get a zap, he was a welder back in the day so i diddnt really question what he said, i just wish i had the knowledge to implement something like that :) good ol shock treatment :)
  12. Dude that really blows. I'm sorry to hear about that. I'm sure if it was a convertible they probily would have cut the top. I really hate it when people mess around with other people's cars.
  13. Thats what I'm worried about... how do you protect against that?
  14. I was in college a few years back and had my celica smashed into. The bastards ripped my dash apart to get my new $250 stereo and got my box too. I happened to be out of town that weekend and went back to my dorm room to find a message from the campus police. They said they recovered all my equipment and arrested the suspects. WOW! I thought. How the hell did they know. Well, luckily they had a sting going on and busted them. One funny thing was that I told them the value of my car stereo equip was $2000. I got all my equip back and they still had to pay restitution. After they got out of prision of course.

    I am sorry to hear about your loss, but sometimes the cops do catch the bastards. I lock my car in the garage every night and luckily I work on a safe Air Force base. I don't have too much worry about getting ripped, but I know some little ***** will steal my 5" tach some day and I will have to piss on his head if I catch him.


  15. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHH :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :hail2: :hail2: :spot: thats quite posibly the funniest line ive ever heard...sorry about you bad luck bro.....
  16. Alarms are stupid. Unless you have the kind with a time delayed train horn under the dash.

    I want to figure out how to rig up anelectrified vehicle chassis. Just for **** and giggles now, but it would be great on a future nicer car. IMO people should not even TOUCH others' cars and if someone gets zapped bad then boo hoo. So how do I do it? Extremely high voltage alternating current? I'm going to look into this...
  17. Nothing you can really do :( I remember reading on here that one user had his top cut twice. So untill someone makes a titanium top for our converts, we are better off to leave our cars unlocked...even though I hate to do that. :nonono:
  18. I dont even think anyone will believe was has since transpired since having my car broken into. I have a $500 ins deducatble so I wont get no money from insurace becasue the avlue of the window and aguages only comes to about $600. The other items are not covered. Since I would only get $100 I didnt go through the hassle. So I figure out I can get the window fixed by Safelite. Well For $ 167 they came out and fixed the window. Well the backwards dummy that fixed it "had to start it to make sure the battery wasn't dead" I can see thier point to make sure they dont get complaints, yet I think they should wait for me before starting my car at least. Well he starts my car while im in the office and starts reving the engine viscously. I heard it in the office and then I came out. I signed the paper work and all then the backwards 7 missing teeth fool left. I dont go into my car or anything because I can see the window why would I have to? Well I come out 2 hrs later and youll never believe it but THE DUMMY LEFT IT IN NEUTRAL AND IT ROLLED BACK INTO AN AUDI!!!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: Why couldn't it have rolled into a 89 chevy celebrity or something. :( Why an Audi? :mad: :notnice: The best part is that my rates are going to go up since "liability follows the car" :bang: , my ded is $500 so to get my car fixed its gonne cost me $500 :bang: , and i cant even cancel teh papyment for the windsheild :bang: . My ins says it wil be hard to get safelite to pay for the car because it my word against thiers. :bang: What the hel else can go wrong I ask you. :bang: :bang: :shrug: :shrug: :bang: :bang:

    I wouldnt believe it if it weren't hapening to me.
  19. A line from Pulp Fiction comes to mind while reading this

    "I mean, what is more dickless than *ucking with another man's car?"

    It seems to fit the situation. I hope it all works out ok, i would be out to kill if someone did that to my car. In that situation i'd be almost tempted to go, fix it all up again, buy like a .22 (or a .3030 :) ) with a scope, park it where you had it and set up camp. Wait for the little bastard to try it again, then, if he does, make him a dickless bastard. I think that might change his attitudes about stealing from other people!

    Good luck man, hope this is the only time it'll happen to you
  20. man i feel for ya.... im just about to get over my string of bad luck myself cause like they say things happen in three's: I was robbed at gun point at work back in november, landed in a backyard in the stang while it was rainin in feb., and now my clutch is slippin... sorry to hear about your accidents...